How to book in an animal for post mortem (veterinary practitioner):


  • Fill in the required necropsy form here

  • Email to book or phone (01) 7166126/6136

  • Times for carcase submission (9am – 2pm Mon-Fri only)

  • If you require a courier (<15kg) See instructions here.

  • Package the carcase correctly. See instructions here.

  • Necropsy cost: no charge for large animal; for small animals and legal cases please contact us.

  • Cattle: please submit blue animal passport, herd number & name and address of owner.

  • Submission of material from bovine and ovine abortions:
    • Note that in cases of abortion the dam should also be examined for signs of disease and possible rising antibody titres.
    • Submission of placentae in such cases can also greatly assist the diagnostic process.
    • Please also note that the UCDVH Diagnostic Laboratory will carry out detailed pathological examinations of such material and attempt to isolate bacterial and fungal species but does not have the resources to investigate all causes of abortion. In particular if large numbers of abortions are occurring the services of the nearest DAFM Regional Veterinary Laboratory should be sought.
  • Please indicate if private cremation or group disposal is required at the time of submission.

  • Send carcases to:
Post Mortem Room
UCD Veterinary Hospital
Dublin 4