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Courier Service

Our Nationwide Veterinary Specimen Courier Service will collect your clinical samples from your practice and deliver them directly to our laboratories here in UCD.

  • Free in Dublin (same day delivery)
  • €5 Nationwide (next day delivery)
  • Temperature regulated vehicles
  • P650 compliant containers
  • Freephone: 1800 252 967 (ROI)
  • Please contact us directly on (01) 7166136 for courier information relating to post mortems under 15kg nationwide

Please see Courier Guide for UCD VDL‌ for further information on our Courier Service.

Packaging & Labelling Requirements

All samples should comply with the appropriate instructions: (PI) 650

All Biological Substances should follow a basic triple packaging system:

  • Primary Container: containing the specimen should be clearly labelled, watertight and leak proof. Containers should be wrapped in sufficient absorbent material, should breakage occur, and placed in a secondary container
  • Secondary Container: should protect the primary container and be secure, leak proof and watertight, with adequate protective cushioning material should multiple primary receptacles be used
  • Outer Shipping Package i.e. rigid box: place the secondary receptacle in an outer shipping package, with suitable cushioning that protects it and its contents from physical damage and water etc. For carriage, the marker illustrated below should be displayed on the external surface of the outer packaging on a background of a contrasting colour and should be clearly visible and legible. The width of the line should be at least 2mm; the letters and numbers should be at least 6mm high. The smallest external dimension of outer packaging should be not less than 100mm.

 UN3373 biological substance

  • Each package should be clearly labelled with the words “BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES
  • The secondary or outer packaging must be a rigid container.
  • For liquids: the primary receptacle should be leak proof. The secondary packaging should be leak proof. All of the above instructions apply also. The primary receptacle or the secondary packaging shall be capable of withstanding, without leakage, an internal pressure producing a pressure differential of not less than 95 kPa (0.95 bar).
  • For solids: the primary container should be siftproof. If several primary containers are used and placed in a single secondary container, they should be individually wrapped, separated to prevent contact between them and securely cushioned. The secondary container therefore should be siftproof.

Note: These regulations should be strictly adhered to.  Further information on packaging and labelling requirements is available from any of the UCDVH Laboratories. 

UCD Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories - 2023 Catalogue CoverThe UCD Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 2023 Catalogue also contains detailed information on submitting a sample to our Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories.