Costs and Packages Available

Costs of Medical Evaluation of Equine Cases

Cases are worked up to the appropriate degree, taking into account the economic and sentimental value of the animal, the expectations of the owner and discussio with the referring vet.  Please note that these are an indication of medical work-up charges and they do not include hospitalisation or treatment.

Should the horse be hospitalised and treated at the UCD Veterinary Hospital, additional charges for hospitalisation and treatment will apply, and an estimate will be agreed at the time of hospitalisation.  Treatment charges vary with respect to the type of care required for each individual case and complications that may arise.  

In accordance with The European Communities (Equine) Regulations 2011 (S.I. 357 of 2011 as amended by S.I. 371 of 2012), all horses must arrive at the UCD Veterinary Hospital with a passport or a new passport must be obtained by the UCD Veterinary Hospital.

Packages Available

Package deals are available for some types of cases and these can be scheduled on an outpatient basis:

  • Non-specific weight loss:including gastroscopy, glucose absorption, rectal biopsy, diagnostic imaging, blood work and urinalysis
  • Neurologic disease (e.g. posture or gait abnormality, behaviour abnormality e.g. headshaking): including a neurologic examination, diagnostic imaging, and/or blood-work, CSF cytology
  • Laminitis/Endocrine disease (e.g. chronic/recurrent laminitis, PU/PD): including radiographs, blood tests and urinalysis and clinical evaluation of appropriate measurements
  • Lower respiratory tract disease (e.g. exercise intolerance, chronic cough): including endoscopy, blood-work, cytology and/or culture, diagnostic imaging
  • Upper respiratory tract disease (e.g. chronic nasal discharge, respiratory noise): including endoscopy, diagnostic imaging, blood-work, cytology and/or culture
  • Gastroscopy
  • Urinary tract disease (e.g. abnormal appearance of urine, dysuria, incontinence): including blood work and urinalysis, cytology, cystoscopy, diagnostic imaging
  • Hepatic disease (e.g. jaundice, weight loss): including blood work, diagnostic imaging, biopsy and histopathology and/or culture
  • Cardiac disease (e.g. murmur, arrhythmia): including ECG, blood-work, diagnostic imaging [Specialist equine cardiology consultation is available at an extra cost]
  • Ophthalmology work up (Specialist ophthalmology consultation is available at an extra cost)
  • Skin work up (e.g. pruritis, hair loss, proliferative lesions): including skin scraping, hair plucking, culture, parasitology, biopsy and histopathology
  • Geriatric evaluation: including blood work and urinalysis, endocrinology, dental examination
  • Reproductive evaluation of breeding soundness: including speculum examination, rectal examination, ultrasound examination, hysteroscopy, biopsy, histopathology and/or culture, hormone assays
  • Management of the mare for artificial insemination: including speculum exam, rectal exam, repeated ultrasound exam, cytology and/or culture, repeated uterine lavage, insemination, semen evaluation