Introduction to UCDVH Farm Animal Services

The UCD Farm Animal Team consists of European Board Certified Specialists in bovine and small ruminant health management, animal reproduction, epidemiology and veterinary public health.  This multi-disciplinary group also includes internationally recognised experts in reproductive biology and applied animal nutrition.

The UCD Farm Animal Team offers clinical excellence at the level of the individual animal, including investigation of infertility and breeding soundness examination of both the bull and ram, as well as delivering high-level consultancy in herd health investigation, disease prevention and control.  The team is also highly experienced in managing herd health relevant surgical conditions such as abomasal and caecal dilation.

Supported and informed by its innovative research programmes on dairy cow nutrition and infertility, lameness, risk-based disease management systems, modelling herd fertility and developing software tools to facilitate herd health management, the team offers a unique array of expertise to colleagues in practice seeking advice and support in the investigation and management of complex herd and flock health problems.