WAC-6 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Paper Presenters

AV Media / PowerPoint Queries

Q: What format should I show my visual material in for my presentation?
A: The use of PowerPoint for any paper / presentation visuals is strongly recommended. Theme and Session organisers should help ensure their contributors are able to meet this recommendation.

Q: Will OHP (Overhead Transparency Projectors) / 35mm slide projectors be provided?
A: Only by specific request prior to the congress via the on-line proposal form. 

Q: What PowerPoint facilities are provided at WAC-6?
A: All academic session venues will have PowerPoint facilities including a PC and digital projector. All presentations will run on these machines unless a prior arrangement has been made with the session organisers and the conference organisers.

Q: Will someone be on hand to help in each venue?
A: WAC-6 will have a volunteer in each venue to help presenters, there will also be four supervisors overseeing groups of venues and a central technical support desk.

Q: Can I send you my PowerPoint by email?
A: Because PowerPoint files are large, please hand them to the WAC-6 PowerPoint Collection Desk at UCD when you register for the Congress, or 24hrs before your session - please do not email the file to us. If you have an early session and are arriving on the day - the especially relates to the Monday morning - you can upload your presentation in advance to us - please email wac6tech@wac6.org for details. Failing that please arrive in advance of the session start time.

Q: What media format should I bring my PowerPoint presentation on?
A: CD / DVD or Flash drive / Memory key / Memory stick

Q: Where and when do I hand in my PowerPoint presentation?
A: To maintain the smooth running of the Congress, presenters must hand in their PowerPoint presentations upon registration or 24 hours in advance of their session. The PowerPoint Collection / Technical Support Room will be located in: Robing Room in O’Reilly Hall on Sunday 29th July and from Monday 30th June onwards it will be located in K012 in the School of Archaeology on the ground floor of the Newman Building.

Q: I use a MAC. Will my PowerPoint presentation work on the Congress computers?
A: In most cases MAC PowerPoint will work on a PC. However, when adding images to a PowerPoint on a MAC avoid using the drag-and-drop method and use the insert menu instead. If drag-and-drop is used images will appear as a red cross on a white background on a PC.
Q: What version of PowerPoint should I use?
A: Although all congress machines will beable to view PowerPoint 2007 you are advised to save your presentations as PowerPoint 97-2003.

Q: Is there any issue with file size?
A: In general the PCs should be able to cope with larger file sizes but please try to keep the overall size of the PowerPoint as small as possible. In later versions of PowerPoint it is possible to compress the whole presentation without loss of on screen clarity. Remember that the screen will only show pictures at a certain resolution.

Q: How do I play a film?
A: Academic sessions will have PCs/Laptops with generic player software, which will play most standard movie files. Large Theatre venues will have built in speaker systems. Smaller venues will only have the speakers attached to the PC. Please note that for DVD films the PCs are configured to European format.

Q: If I have additional presentation related technical questions who do I contact?
A: If the above FAQ has not answered your questions then please contact wac6tech@wac6.org.

General Queries

Q: How many papers can one person present at WAC-6?
A: Participants may be lead (first) author and presenter of not more than 2 papers (including Discussant and Chairing roles). For timetabling purposes the lead author is the designated Presenter & is scheduled to attend the full session duration.

Q: Do all authors and co-authors have to register and attend WAC-6?
A: At least the lead author must register and attend the conference. If registration has not occurred then we reserve the right to remove the paper from the final programme. Alternatively you can notify wac6programme@ucd.ie of a nominated presenter to read your paper, who will register by that date.

Q: What should I do if I wish to withdraw my paper from the programme?
A: Notify wac6programme@ucd.ie immediately so that your paper can be withdrawn, and let your session organisers know. Finally, if you have registered, you should also notify wac6@ucd.ie (registration).

Q: Are Discussants and Chairs shown in the programme?
A: Please note that only Invited Discussants and Chairs who are not the session organisers are listed in the programme – this is because the organisers of a session are automatically listed and are expected by default to play a chair- or discussant-type role, thus they do not need to be listed twice.
For any queries that are not covered by this FAQ please contact: wac6programme@ucd.ie