WAC-6 Poster Proposal

The closing date for submitting poster proposals has passed.

The WAC poster session is designed for both students and professionals to present their research or ideas to a larger audience. Posters will be displayed over a number of days at the conference offering the opportunity for the archaeological community to see a very wide range of research programmes. There will also be formal poster sessions. Each presenter will be assigned a date and time when they must be at their poster to discuss it with other participants at the congress.

Guidelines for the format and layout of posters (see below for more detailed information):

  • Posters may be produced in either landscape or portrait format.
  • Posters must be no larger than AO size (1189 x 841mm). We would prefer A1 size (841 x 594mm) or smaller.
  • Although English is not mandatory, it is the preferred language for poster reports.
  • Posters do not need to follow the conference theme or session topics.
  • For posters with multiple authors, please identify the Presenter for timetabling purposes, and any authors that will not be attending WAC in person.
  • Contributors are responsible for printing and providing their own posters for display at the congress

Electronic Posters

We propose to also make posters available on-line in PDF format during the conference and for a short time afterwards. This will allow delegates to consult the posters when they return home and to inform colleagues about posters of interest. They may also be used in PowerPoint versions for display in public areas during relevant sessions. Posters to be included digitally must be provided in an appropriate format in advance of the conference.

  • Electronic submission for on-line viewing - deadline May 1st 2008
  • Maximum file size 8mb (will be converted to PDF for on-line diaplay)
  • Contributors must still provide printed versions for display at the congress as outlined above.

If you have any additional queries please contact: wac6posters@ucd.ie

Guidelines for Posters at WAC-6 in Dublin.

Size Restrictions

  • You are asked to follow these guidelines when submitting an abstract for poster presentation:
  • All posters are required to conform to PORTRAIT ORIENTATION. Failure to follow this requirement will mean that the poster will NOT FIT on the allotted board. If you choose to use a landscape format please ensure that all printed materials are less than 1m in width.
  • Poster BOARD dimensions = 1 m wide x 2.25m high. If printing on one page, use size A0 PORTRAIT ORIENTATION (0.84 x 1.19m). Alternatively, a number of smaller sheets can be used to create a larger collage, but do not go beyond a maximum ‘layout’ height of 1.5m.

Style Guidelines

  • Posters should be clear and easy to read. Type size should be sufficiently large to allow people to read from 2-3 metres. (Minimum of 1 cm high for text and 2.5 cm high for titles). DO NOT REDUCE TEXT SIZE IN ORDER TO FIT MORE INFORMATION ONTO THE POSTER.
  • Design the poster to convey a CLEAR MESSAGE. If this is not obvious to the reader after reading the introduction, the message is NOT CLEAR and the reader will move on to an alternative poster, which provides the correct impact.
  • Avoid overload – too much information seriously detracts from the overall impact. LESS IS BEST!
  • The SIMPLE use of colour can enhance a presentation, but avoid the temptation towards art!
  • Consider the use of suitable photographs, but do not include as a background to the poster. Keep logos to a minimum and discrete. Proof read the poster, and get others to do so as well.


Poster Sessions

  • Due to the large number of poster proposals received poster sessions will be divided into two parts. The first group of posters will be displayed from Monday 30th June to Tuesday 1st July and the second group from Thursday 3rd to Friday 4th July with the Congress Tours on the intervening Wednesday.
  • The programme for the conference is currently being finalised and we will notify poster authors in a few weeks of the days when their posters will be displayed after the timetabling of the associated Theses and Sessions is completed.
  • A poster author or their representative will be required to be present during the designated poster session. Poster sessions are typically 30minutes in length at 10.30am and 15.30pm each day.


Electronic Posters

  • The deadline of electronic versions of the posters for inclusion on the conference website is May 1st 2008
  • Maximum file size 8mb (will be converted to PDF for on-line display and the file size may be reduced)
  • Contributors must still provide printed versions for display at the congress as outlined above.