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Dr Dmitar Tasić is an IRC Postdoctoral Fellow at UCD’s Centre for War Studies. He received his PhD from the University of Belgrade and has worked for many years for the Serbian Military History Institute / Strategic Research Institute. He has been the editor of the Military History Review since 2013 and is currently President of the Serbian National Commission of Military History. Dr Tasić's main research interest is focused on the role of the military in Yugoslav society, the two world wars and their aftermaths as well as Yugoslavia’s relationship with other Balkan states. At UCD, he is working on a book project that situates the Yugoslav experience of paramilitarism after the First World War in a broader Balkan context.

From the beginning of his research career he has contributed the collaborative project History of the Serbian and Yugoslav Armed Forces in the 19th and 20th Century. Since 2010 he has also been a researcher on a project funded by the Serbian Ministry of Science of Education: Serbs and Serbia in a Yugoslav and International Context: internal Development and Position in European/International Community. Dr Tasić is actively involved in the work of the Conflict Study Working Group, a trans-Atlantic association of Institutes for Strategic Research and National Defence Academies. He is also a contributor to the German Research Council-funded, Berlin-based centenary project “1914-1918-online. International Encyclopaedia of the First World War” – the world’s largest scholarly online encyclopaedia on the Great War. 

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