Application and Selection Procedures

Updated 29 November 2021

Candidates will apply through the link on

Applications will consist of a cover letter, in which the applicant will describe how their academic and research profile aligns with one or more of the UCD strategic themes (1. Creating a Sustainable Global Society, 2. Transforming through Digital Technology, 3. Building a Healthy World, 4. Empowering Humanity), a complete CV including all research publications and research grants to date together with any publications submitted for publication but not yet published, and the names and the contact details of three potential referees. Further details on the UCD strategic themes can be found at the following link

UCD is committed to promoting and ensuring equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion in employment. To assist in the implementation this policy of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, we would encourage applicants to complete the Diversity Monitoring Tool at application stage to enable UCD to monitor the impact of its inclusive recruitment practices and to meet diversity targets set as part of the Gender Equality Action Plan 2020 – 2024 and EDI Strategy 2018 – 2020 - 2024. Diversity Monitoring at application stage involves the collection, storage and analysis of information across the nine protected grounds under Equality legislation for statistical purposes only where all statistical data will be anonymised. The information collected on this screen will be treated separately and securely in line with GDPR data protection requirements. This is a voluntary and confidential questionnaire and details will NOT be available to those considering your application for employment at any stage. We encourage applicants to complete the diversity monitoring tool and read further information about UCD's commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace at

School, College and Central committees will support the scoring of all applications in accordance with the Central Pool Academic Appointments Policy. This scoring includes the track record and potential of the applicant; the student:faculty ratio in the relevant school relative to comparator group norms for the discipline; the size, strength and potential of the relevant UCD discipline/cross-disciplinary area in a UCD Context; the alignment of the applicant with the priority areas of UCD; the contribution the applicant will make to EDI goals; and the current and future availability of suitable facilities.

Applications will be assessed at School, College and University level, and only applications considered to be competitive at the next level will proceed to that level. Applicants whose applications do not proceed will be advised as soon as practicable.

Applicants short-listed at the University level will be invited to interview and present a seminar to potential fellow colleagues. Scores will be adjusted based on performance in both the interview and the seminar, and a final decision will be made on whether or not an offer will be made.

This comprehensive and robust selection process will assist UCD in deciding who will join us as Ad Astra Fellows.