• The Writing Centre is not an editing or proofreading service. However, we will be organising editing workshops throughout the year, and we can show you how to edit and proofread your own work. 
  • We will not help you to write the content of your essay; our purpose is to talk to you about structure and form and issues of style and accuracy. We come from different disciplines and will not be familiar with your area – we focus on the writing.
  • We don’t ‘fix’ or ‘correct’ your essays. We talk to you about your writing and give you advice and strategies for improving the essays yourself.
  • We don’t predict grades or offer commentary on grades/grading styles.
  • We don't give help with English as a foreign language, but we can help you identify problems with grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage.
  • We cannot work with you on your take-home exam papers.

Please note that Writing Centre Instrcuctors cannot upload assignments onto their private laptops from student USB drives. It is best to have the assignment printed out or to bring your own laptop, or borrow a laptop from the Library. If this is not possible, make sure we can access your assignment online.