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Dublin Chemistry Third Year Talks Day

Dublin Chemistry PhD Joint Thematic Programme Third Year Talks Day was held on Tuesday 27th May 2014 in the Hamilton Building in Trinity College Dublin. The event was sponsored by Eli Lilly.

Congratulations to Dr. Kimberly Geoghegan who won the Prestigious Springer Prize!

Recent PhD Graduate from the UCD School of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Dr. Kimberly Geoghegan who studied under Dr. Paul Evans has won the prestigious award of the Springer Prize in Chemistry for her doctoral thesis. As part of the Springer Prize publishing award, a book with Dr Geoghegan’s findings will be published shortly.

Spinning new solutions with magnetism

The word ‘magnet’ may well conjure up an image of a horseshoe-shaped bar picking up paper clips, but co-ordination chemist Dr Grace Morgan has her eye on something considerably smaller. She is looking to harness the atoms of metallic elements, where the spin of the electrons determines their magnetic properties. And by cleverly engineering transition metals, she is opening up new possibilities - including how to store information more effectively on electronic devices.