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Adopting the terms of S.I. 582 of 2014 for the UCD pre-2013 Superannuation Scheme (Model) (UCD Intranet)
As directed by the Department of Education & Skills new updated Rules contained in S.I. 582 of 2014 will be the “de facto” superannuation scheme applying in all relevant non-commercial state bodies for the Model Pension Scheme.  As the Model Scheme in UCD operates on an administrative basis, UCD is required to adopt these rules in order for the DES to formalise the Model Scheme with DPER’s consent.  There are no areas for concern in adopting S.I. 582 of 2014.  Article 51 of the S.I. is a ‘saver’ covering any “pre-scheme benefit provision” which is not covered in the S.I.  Further information is available through the link above.

Pension Scheme and AVC Annual Reports (UCD Intranet)
Annual reports for the Closed, Model and AVC Pension Schemes are available at the link above.

Changes to Salaries of UCD Employees (UCD Intranet)
Revised salary rates have been introduced as a result of the Public Service Stability Agreement 2013 – 2018 (Haddington Road Agreement/Lansdowne Road Agreement) and the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act 2015.  Full details, including tables showing the current and revised rates of pay, are available on the UCD HR Intranet at the link above.

JobBridge closed to new applications
From 21 October 2016, JobBridge is closed to new applications. A statement from the Department of Social Protection has recommended that JobBriddge should be replaced by a new work experience programme that is focused on skills development and targeted on longer term unemployed people. 

UCD Culture and Engagement Survey
In line with the UCD HR strategy - Growing through People - this annual survey obtains faculty and staff views on a wide range of topics that affect their role and working environment in UCD. This survey is an opportunity for employees to share their thoughts and opinions about working for UCD, as well as an opportunity to help identify potential areas that can be improved. 

Aurora Leadership Development Programme (2016/2017)
Aurora is an innovative leadership development training programme aimed at women up to Associate Professor and equivalent professional services level. Participation in this programme demonstrates the University’s commitment to gender equality, and is an important element of UCD’s overall commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. The University is therefore delighted to announce that it will be supporting 21 places for the 2016/2017 programme due to commence in December 2016.

UCD HR Enhancing Resourcing
As part of a broader review, UCD HR Resourcing (formerly Recruitment) are currently undertaking a process improvement project titled “UCD HR Enhancing Resourcing” looking at the experiences of both those seeking to recruit staff to their School or Units and candidates applying for posts. The project is part of UCD HR's commitment to Service Excellence and Continuous Improvement. UCD Agile ( will be supporting UCD HR with this project.

Faculty Promotions
The Faculty Promotions process was launched on 18 May 2016.  This process has been subject to extensive consultation and is supported by a comprehensive on-line application system via InfoHub. Faculty will receive additional communications shortly and may access further details on this website

Circular 18/2015: Changes to the Public Service Pension Reduction (PSPR)(.pdf)
DEPR Cirular detailing changes to the Public Service Pension Reduction (PSPR) 

Grace Period for Retirements prior to 01st April 2019
Members retiring on or before 01/04/2019 will have their pensions calculated on the rate of pay in force prior to 01/07/13. Those intending to apply for Added Years are advised to submit a retirement decision 6 months in advance of their retirement date.

Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA) 2013 – 2018 (UCD Intranet)
Comprehensive information relating to the implementation of the Haddington Road Agreement and the Lansdowne Road Agreement