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Job Sizing

Page updated 12 December 2023

Job Sizing is the process by which the grade for a particular role is established.  It is an assessment of a role not a person.

This page provides the detail for how to size roles that are vacant or soon to be vacant.  You should revert to information on the Job Sizing Framework webpage (HR Intranet) if the role you are considering has a current incumbent. 

Job Sizing Policy

The Job Sizing Policy contains detailed information on the principles of job sizing, the roles and responsibilities of the key stakeholders involved in the process and how records are stored.  The Job Sizing Policy also contains a detailed breakdown of the job sizing factors and the scoring methodology used by the Job Sizing Committee.

This page contains a summary of a UCD Policy but, in all cases, the Policy itself remains the definitive source of information. Read the(opens in a new window) Job Sizing Policy now.

The Job Sizing Process

Step 1: Read the Job Sizing Policy and supporting documentation.

Step 2: The Vice–President/College Principal/ Head of School/Unit submits the following documentation to UCD HR, Promotions and Grading at (opens in a new window)JobSizing@ucd.ie, ensuring that all details are correct and forms are signed in the appropriate place by the required signatories as specified on the form (a digital signature will suffice):

  • A Job Description
  • Job Sizing Application Form
  • An Organisational Chart

Step 3: Promotions & Grading forward this documentation is forwarded to the Job Sizing Committee (JSC).

Step 4: The JSC assesses all the applications against the following factors: Work Complexity; Decision Making; Relationships; Capability; Impact and Supervision.

Step 5: Following the JSC meeting, Promotions and Grading will notify the relevant Vice–President/College Principal/Head of School/Unit of the outcome of their Job Sizing application. 

Step 6: New or vacant re-graded posts will be forwarded to UCD HR, Resourcing for advertising.

Why is Job Sizing used?

Job Sizing is used to ensure consistency in the application of job grades to administrative roles across the University, giving due consideration to the roles, responsibilities and requirements of particular roles and the organisational context of the work area.

Are all jobs assessed?

Job Sizing arises in several different ways:

  • When a new role is being created (temporary or permanent) with a duration of more than one year
  • When a vacancy arises in a role that has never been graded/sized
  • Where any changes are being made to an existing role that has become vacant (updating/refreshing/future proofing)
  • Where a temporary role of less than one year, that has never been graded/sized, is extended
  • Where a role that has not been graded in at least 4 years is considered by the manager to have materially changed in a way that could affect the grade, and there is an incumbent who has 4+ years service in the role who will be able to benefit from promotion without competition if the role is deemed to be at a higher grade. If you have a role that falls into this category an application can be submitted through the Job Sizing Framework.  

Current Membership of the Job Sizing Committee

  • Head of School (Chair) or other nominee of the President (Professor Peter Duffy)
  • Union Representative (Ms Helen Kenny)
  • Senior member of staff of UCD HR (Ms Elaine Hassett)

Relevant Documents 

Dates of Job Sizing Meetings 

The Job Sizing Committee normally meets on a monthly basis to consider applications for job sizing. Please ensure that you take into account that the closing date for the submission of applications is normally four weeks in advance of each meeting. Please see above/below for the specific closing and meeting dates for the current year.

Dates of Job Sizing Meetings 2022 - 2023

Closing Date for Receipt of Applications to UCD HR Promotions & Grading

22nd August 2023 (vacant roles only)

25th July 2023

19th September 2023

 22nd August 2023

17th October 2023 

19th September 2023

14th November 2023

17th October 2023

 12th December 2023

14th November 2023

 23rd January 2024

12th December 2023

20th February 2024

23rd January 2024

19th March 2024

20th February 2024

16th April 2024

19th March 2024

14th May 2024

16th April 2024

11th June 2024

14th May 2024

16th July 2024 (vacant roles only)

18th June 2024

13th August 2024 (vacant roles only)

16th July 2024

Please note that late applications are not accepted. Any applications received after a closing date are automatically included for the next available Job Sizing meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The job description outlines the main duties and responsibilities of the position and it also outlines the required competencies to carry out the role.  The application form requires managers to provide additional context for the role under the six factors upon which the role is resized.  It is important that the information in the job description and application form complement each other.

Your organisation chart should show existing administrative roles in your unit.  You should include the job titles and grades of these roles but no names of individual incumbents. You should view the sample chart provided for your information. 

Please take time to read the support documentation provided and have your own Line Manager or HRP to look over the full application. 

Existing job descriptions may only be used as a guide. If the role has not been in your unit before, a full application must be submitted to the Job Sizing Committee.  A job sizing reference number belongs only to the original unit the role was sized for.  The decision on your role is made with the full context of the application form and org structure documentation you submit for review.  It is not guaranteed that the same grade will be assigned in your unit.

For a new vacancy of a role that has never existed in the area previously and for replacement roles where the line manager does not feel that the existing job description accurately describes the current requirement of the role.

If you wish to update or make a change to an already sized job description, you should submit this for review at the next Job Sizing Committee meeting.  The Job Sizing Committee must ensure that the changes you have made do not impact the grade already assigned.  You will need to submit a job description with your change/updates on view.  Note: if you are making substantial changes, a new full application may be required.

Line managers are encouraged to submit an application for new or replacement roles at the earliest possible opportunity.  This is to allow for the time it takes an application to be considered by the Job Sizing Committee who normally meet on a monthly basis.  For example, a line manager could submit an application in April for a role that they do not intend to advertise until September. 

The Job Sizing Committee normall meet on a monthly basis to consider applications for job sizing.  Please ensure that you take into account that the closing date for the submission of applications is normally four weeks in advance of each meeting.  Please see the current schedule of meetings for the specific closing and meeting dates for the current year.

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