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Family Related Leave

Page updated 1 February 2024

Family Related Leave & Entitlements

UCD is committed to supporting colleagues via a number of leave Policies which are summarised on this page.

Page updated 16 September 2022

UCD is committed to supporting colleagues before, during and on return from maternity, adoptive/surrogacy leave and those returning from carer's leave, through a variety of measures including phased return to teaching (academics) and upskilling grants (all staff), to enable them to continue to develop their careers. UCD is committed to attracting, retaining and developing an excellent and diverse cohort of faculty and staff. 

This page contains summaries of UCD policies and details on how to access benefits for managers and employees. In all cases, the original Policy in the Governance LIbrary remains the definitive source of information.

Phased Return to Teaching

Academics who are returning from maternity, adoptive/surrogacy, and also carer's leave of 24 weeks or more are entitled to 50% teaching buy-out over two semesters on return from leave to re-establish their research career. As a research-intensive university, UCD is committed to support those returning from maternity, adoptive/surrogacy and carer's leave.

Grant for Employees

All employees returning from maternity/adoptive/surrogacy leave are now entitled to avail of a grant up to a maximum of €500. These employees may face additional costs in terms of re-skilling, networking and other such costs that will support them to re-establish their career following an extended period of being out of the workplace.  The amount will normally be availed of in the 12-18 month period following the return from maternity, adoptive/surrogacy and also carer's leave of 24 weeks or more and will be specifically for the purpose of putting supports in place to facilitate the transition of the employee back into the workplace and re-establish their careers.

Social Fund payments to Schools/Units for maternity, adoptive/surrogacy, and carer's leave will automatically incorporate an additional €500 for this purpose. Schools/Units will liaise locally with the employee re availing of the grant.  

Further information around the operation of the social costs scheme is available on the Finance Office Website.

Policy & Guidelines

This policy and guidelines provide support for managers and employees to navigate the period before, during and after family-related leave. Managers can also find guidance so that they can provide a high standard of support to employees during this time.

You should read the policy and guidelines below in conjunction with UCD Family-Friendly Policies: 

Other UCD Family-related Policies

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