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Senior Management Pathway

Page updated 15 August 2022

The Senior Management Pathway 7 is designed to allow the University, in certain circumstances, to confer the title Associate Professor/Professor on internationally recognised scholars who have been appointed by the University to a Senior Academic Management position. Below you'll find information on eligibility criteria, assessment principles and assessment process.


As part of the assessment process for a Senior Management position the Assessment Board will determine if there is a case for recommending the applicant to be considered through this process and they will make a recommendation to the relevant UCD committee.

Alternatively, if the Director of Human Resources, as part of the contract negotiation process, identifies a case for the applicant to be considered through this process, a recommendation may be made to the relevant UCD Committee.

Assessment Principles

In addition to having been appointed to a senior management position in the University, and, in common with all other UCD Professorial appointments, appointees will be required to demonstrate exceptional performance in:

  • Research, 
  • Scholarship & Innovation
  • Academic Leadership

Further details and examples of exceptional performance are set out in detail in the (opens in a new window)Policy.

Assessment Process

  • Step 1: A suitable candidate is identified during the assessment or contractual process for a Senior Management position.
  • Step 2: The Director of HR will forward the relevant documentation to the relevant UCD committee.
  • Step 3: The Committee will consider the evidence provided by the Director of HR and will make a decision on the level of appointment (Associate Professor or Professor) to be made.
  • Step 4: Following the completion of the process, Promotions & Grading will inform the newly appointed Senior Manager in writing of their professorial title. The recommendations will be forwarded to the Governing Authority and the Academic Council for noting.

Frequently Asked Questions

A College Principal, Director of Institute, Dean etc. 

Yes. Applicants will be required to have held previous professorial appointments at UCD or another internationally respected institution.

No. The Senior Management Pathway is simply a mechanism whereby the University can confer the title Associate Professor or Professor on internationally recognized scholars who have been appointed to a Senior Management position in the University.

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