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Page updated 12 August 2022

Overtime is only paid to staff in exceptional circumstances, where it has been agreed in advance with the College Finance Manager or equivalent. It is the responsibility of the Head of School/Unit to ensure that this approval has been given before any overtime is carried out. Below you will find information on applying for Overtime and claiming payment in addition to the forms required to proceed.

Overtime Policy

This policy outlines the University’s approach to overtime and applies to any member of staff up to grade AO1A and equivalent.

Overtime is only paid to staff in exceptional circumstances, where it has been agreed in advance with the College Finance Officer or equivalent (i.e. prior to overtime being worked). Where there is an agreed requirement for additional work outside regular working hours, the norm is that time off in lieu is granted.

Learn about roles, responsibilities and more in the (opens in a new window)Overtime Policy

Overtime Principles

1.  Provisions of the Working Time Act, 1997

 To ensure compliance with the provisions of this legislation please note that if the hours worked are greater than 4.5 hours, and less than 6 hours, an employee must take a break of 15 minutes. If the hours of work exceed 6 hours, an employee must take a break of 30 minutes, which is unpaid. The Working Time Act, 1997, limits the maximum average working week to 48 hours, this includes payment of overtime. Weekly working time can be averaged out over a four-month reference period

 2.  Provisions of the Public Service Pay Agreement

 Hours of Work less than 37 hours per week:

Full-time staff members in this category must work a minimum of 37 hours before paid overtime commences. This would also apply where overtime is worked on Sundays. For example: an Executive Assistant working 35 hours per week must work 37 hours before overtime is paid i.e. the first 2 hours are unpaid. Part-time staff in this category must work the relevant pro-rata hours before paid overtime commences. For example: a part-time Executive Assistant working 50% of the normal EA hours would have to work 50% of 37 hours - i.e. 18.5 hours - before payment for overtime can be made and the first hour is unpaid.

Hours of work of more than 37 hours per week:

For both full-time and part-time staff members in this category, there is no requirement to work any unpaid overtime.

Part-Time Staff – Additional hours worked during normal working hours of the grade:

Please note that additional hours worked by part-time staff during the normal working hours for their own specific grade are paid at the flat hourly rate.

Overtime Rates

The following overtime rates effective 1st July 2021 are as laid down in the PSPA - Building Momentum 2021 – 2022. Where approval for overtime has been obtained in advance from the College Finance Manager (or nominee), these rates apply:

Days Worked

Hours Worked

Overtime Rate

Monday to Friday 

Before normal starting time for the Grade

Double time
  First four hours after normal finishing time for the Grade Time and a half
  Thereafter until normal  starting time the following day Double time
Saturday¹ Before normal starting time; Double time
  Normal starting time to 12 noon Time and a half
  Therafter Double time
Sunday All hours Double time
Public Holidays All hours Double time
Christmas Days2 All hours Time and a half
  1. Overtime does not apply in UCD sites where staff are normally rostered on Saturday mornings.

  2. Days University is closed over the Christmas holiday period (excluding public holidays falling during this period)

Overtime Process

Before making your claim

  • Read the Overtime policy
  • Seek approval for overtime. College Finance manager or equivalent must agree to overtime with School/Unit in advance of work taking place.

Claiming payment

  • Step 1: You need to complete the Overtime Claim Form
  • Step 2: You need to get your claim form approved by your Head of School / Unit before submitting for payment.
  • Step 3: You should submit your Overtime Claim Form to (opens in a new window)hrhelpdesk@ucd.ie for payment, in line with their monthly and weekly deadlines.
  • Step 4: Your payment will be made on a monthly/weekly basis in arrears.


Contact the HR Helpdesk

The HR Helpdesk is the primary point of contact for all your employment-related queries by email and telephone.  We are here to help you with any queries on employee benefits, terms & conditions and HR policies & procedures. If we can’t help you directly, we will refer your query to a HR specialist area.

All visitors to UCD HR, Roebuck offices should be by appointment only and arrangements to be made with specific HR staff members.

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