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Adoptive Leave

Page reviewed 9 August 2022

This page has details of the steps involved in taking and returning from Adoptive & Surrogacy Leave. You’ll also find a summary of the Adoptive & Surrogacy Leave Policy, related forms and some frequently asked questions.

Under the consolidated Adoptive Leave Acts, an adoptive parent is entitled to 24 weeks Adoptive Leave from the date of the placement of the child. 

An equivalent period of Surrogacy Leave is also applicable to an intending parent i.e. those involved in a surrogacy arrangement. Surrogacy Leave is an additional benefit provided by UCD.

UCD ensures employees are supported before, during and after their Adoptive / Surrogacy Leave.

Adoptive / Surrogacy Leave processes

Adoptive & Surrogacy Leave Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that UCD employees are supported before, during and after their adoptive leave. This Policy applies to all UCD employees who are in receipt of a salary under a permanent contract, a contract of indefinite duration (CID), or a fixed-term contract as defined in the Protection of Employees (Fixed Term Work) Act 2003 and who are entitled to benefit under the consolidated Adoption Acts.In addition to detailed definitions of terms, the policy sets out in detail the roles of the applicant, School / Unit and UCD HR in the adoptive leave process.

Read the Adoptive & Surrogacy Leave Policy in the (opens in a new window)Governance Document Library now.

This section contains a summary of a UCD policy, however, in all cases the Policy remains the definitive source of information on the topic.


UCD Support for taking Family Related Leave - Policy and Guidelines

This policy and guidelines provides guidance for employees and managers in preparation for taking family related leave, during and on return from leave. 

This policy includes the following benefits:  

       1. Academic employees: Academic employees returning from adoptive or surrogacy leave are entitled under University policy to a phased return to teaching over the course of the first calendar year following their return, typically averaging 50% commitment over that year.

Ideally, a conversation about phased return to teaching should form part of the preparation for taking family related leave conversations with your manager.  

       2. All employees: returning from adoptive or surrogacy leave are entitled to avail of a grant up to a maximum of €500 for re-skilling and networking. 

For further information for line managers on accessing funding for adoptive/surrogacy cover and phased return to teaching which is allocated in one tranche by the Bursar on receipt of notification of an employees intention to take adoptive or surrogacy leave , visit here

UCD Support for Taking Family Related Leave Policy

UCD Support for Taking Family Related Leave Manager and Employee Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you are paying PRSI Class A or E.

You should input your bank details on the form as the adoptive benefit will be paid by direct payment each week in advance to your account.  Your salary for the duration of your adoptive leave will be adjusted accordingly.

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