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Notional Service


Purchasing notional service is the practice of "buying" additional years of service from the UCD Pension Scheme. Find out if  you are eligible to purchase notional service and how the process works. Details of information seminars on the subject are also provided below as are contact details for those with a query.

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Am I eligible?

Notional service can only be purchased by those who will be short of service. The option is available to those with less than 40 years service at retirement and those who have a potential of nine years actual service. However, if you are transferring pension benefits from a previous private sector employer, then you are required to have a total of at least 2 years qualifying service.


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How it works

Step 1:  Request a quote: For further information or if you would like to receive a Notional Service Purchase Quote, please email with your personnel number and request.

Step 2:  If you decide to proceed, the years purchased will be displayed on your online pensions record. The notional service is added to your actual service and becomes part of the calculation of benefits at retirement.

Note: Notional service can be purchased by periodic deduction or lump sums payments.  Tax relief will be granted at source for periodic deductions and claimed separately for lump sum payments. 

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AVC/Notional Service - Pension Seminar

This seminar provides an overview for staff interested in voluntarily augmenting their UCD Pension Benefits by making regular/lump sum Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s) and / or purchasing additional years under the Notional Service Plan.

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Ask HR

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If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please call 
HR on + 353 (01) 716  4909