Hourly Paid Employees

Hourly paid employees are individuals who complete work for UCD in respect of various activities such as tutoring, occasional lecturing or other general casual work. They receive payment on a monthly basis for this activity. Below you can view information on the set-up and timesheet process for either Claimants, Administrators or Approvers. You will also find general information on deadlines, Work Permits and Garda Vetting for hourly paid.

The Hourly Paid Process (Claimants)

  1. Complete the Hourly Paid Set Up process
  2. Submit a timesheet

The Hourly Paid Process (Approvers & Administrators)

Learn about the process for Timesheet Approvers

(including Approver set-up, login, approval process, roles & responsibilities)

Learn about the process for Timesheet Administrators 

(including Administrator set-up, login, input process, roles & responsibilities)

Deadlines for set-up and payment

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Hourly Set-up Form deadline to HR

Deadline for submission of Hourly Set up Forms to HR to ensure timely set up on the HR system.

June 2021 Tuesday 1st June
July 2021 Thursday 1st July
August 2021 Tuesday 3rd August
September 2021 Friday 27th August
October 2021 Wednesday 15th September
November 2021 Monday 1st November

Submitting a timesheet (monthly)

(Online) Deadline for ESS timesheets to be approved by Approver 2 to ensure payment.

MonthApprover 2 Deadline
June 2021 Tuesday 15th June
July 2021 Thursday 15th July
August 2021 Monday 16th August
September 2021 Wednesday 15th September
October 2021 Wednesday 13th October 
November 2021 Monday 15th November

Timesheets are released to Payroll at 5:00pm on the Approver 2 deadline date.

Please note: Any timesheets approved by Approver 2 after this time will not be paid until the following month.


(Offline) Deadline for submission of manual claim form to HR to ensure payment.

June 2021 Tuesday 1st June
July 2021 Thursday 1st July
August 2021 Tuesday 3rd August
September 2021 Wednesday 1st September
October 2021 Friday 1st October
November 2021 Monday 1st November

Submitting a timesheet (weekly)

Thursdays at 5.00 pm each week.

For Public Holidays, Easter. etc. the deadline is 5.00 pm on Wednesday.

Occasional Lecturers

Continuing Occasional Lecturers refer ONLY to those who were paid for work in 2020/21 and who will claim for work in 2021/22. They DO NOT need to complete the hourly set up online again. ALL other lecturers (even if they worked in other academic sessions) must complete the hourly set-up process again.

For Continuing Occasional Lecturers for 2021/22, school administrators have been given access to an InfoHub report  [Location on InfoHub: Human Resources Hourly Paid /Online Timesheets Management] which lists those who were paid for Occasional Lecturing during the academic year 2020/21. They are asked to export this report into Excel and complete the 'Confirm Continuance' column indicating Occasional Lecturers who will be lecturing during the academic year 2021/22. Access to ESS Timesheets will be removed for Occasional Lecturers who will not be continuing. 

To facilitate payment in the October 2021 payroll, the deadline for receipt by HR Operations of the completed listing of continuing lecturers and set-up forms for new lecturers is Wednesday, 1st September 2021.

Continuing Occasional Lecturers who need to inform UCD HR of any changes to personal details should refer to the 'Update my details' page on ESS or complete the relevant forms and return to

Garda Vetting

Following the commencement of the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016 on the 29th of April 2016, UCD must ensure that Garda Vetting is conducted for any staff members with access to children and/or vulnerable adults as a necessary and regular part of their employment/engagement. Garda Vetting must be completed prior to the staff member starting in their post.  This requirement includes short term appointments and casual staff.

For any new hourly paid staff members, hiring managers need to consider whether the role the claimant will be doing requires Garda Vetting. To determine this, please consult the Garda Vetting Policy for Staff on the UCD HR website or speak to a member of the Resourcing Team. Garda Vetting in UCD lasts 3 years, however the University reserves the right to request any employee/third party to undergo vetting/police clearance at any time in their employment/engagement but in any event at appropriate intervals or such shorter periods as may be prescribed under the Act or as may be deemed appropriate by the University.

Garda Vetting between organisations is non-transferrable (exceptions are made if a sharing agreement in place between UCD and the organisation).

Queries on Garda Vetting should be directed to

Further information:

Work Permits

Any person coming to work in UCD from outside the EU requires authorisation to work legally in Ireland.  For hourly paid staff, it is the responsibility of the School/Unit to ensure paperwork is in order before work commences.

Regulations regarding employment permits are laid down by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and must be strictly adhered to.

Payment cannot and will not be made to any person who is not authorised to work in Ireland.

Entry Visa information: Visas for Ireland - Department of Foreign Affairs 

UK Citizens

UK citizens have the right to work in Ireland without an employment permit under the Common Travel Area.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pay day is the last working day of each month.

in order to receive weekly payment, you must meet all of the below criteria

  1. You are new to UCD
  2. The period of work is less than 12 weeks
  3. You are paid at one of the casual rates 'Casual Rate_2010' or 'Temp Exec Asst_2013 (2010)'

No claims will be paid until the Set Up process is complete.

Contact the HR Helpdesk

The HR Helpdesk is the primary point of contact for all your employment-related queries by email and telephone.  We are here to help you with any queries on employee benefits, terms & conditions and HR policies & procedures. If we can’t help you directly we will refer your query to a HR specialist area.

All visitors to UCD HR, Roebuck offices should be by appointment only and arrangements to be made with specific HR staff members.


Roebuck Offices,
UCD Belfield Campus.