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The attainment of Tenure is an important step in the professional life of all Faculty. This page provides information on the award of Tenure, the benefits of tenure, the application process and more.

Tenure and its benefits

The award of tenure recognises the successful completion of the probation and induction processes and the attainment of a standard of performance and engagement consistent with full academic privileges. Tenue confers the right to enjoy the full protection of the Universities Act, 1997 in relation to terms and conditions of employment, to be a voting member of the College to which your School is affiliated, and to be a member of your School Committee.

Lecturer/Assistant Professors can apply to be awarded Tenure during the final year of their induction period, the Tenure Committee may, if requested by the Head of School and College Principal, waive the final period of induction.

Tenure policy

Induction periods of 3 years normally apply to all permanent Lecturer/Assistant Professor appointments. Induction, which is distinct from probation, is designed to assist the employee to satisfy the requirements for the award of tenure and to develop a career path that may lead to promotion. It is a phase of supported development where Lecturer/Assistant Professors are encouraged to develop across the three core aspects of their role as academics.

In some circumstances, part of this period may be waived for Lecturers/Assistant Professor who have a Doctorate and substantial, relevant academic experience or Faculty appointed as Associate Professor.

On successful completion of probation and/or induction, Tenure will be awarded by Academic Council on the recommendation of the Tenure Committee which acts upon the advice of Schools/Colleges.

This section contains a summary of a UCD policy, however, in all cases the Policy remains the definitive source of information on the topic. Read more about the tenure and what's required in the Induction and Award of Tenure to the Grades of Lecturer Assistant Professor Associate Professor Policy

Tenure application process 

The application process for the award of Tenure 2022 is closed.  The Tenure 2023 process will commence in June 2023. 

Appealing a tenure decision

  • Applicants who are not recommended for Tenure will have the right of appeal to the Tenure Committee. 
  • Appeals must be lodged, in writing, to UCD HR Promotions & Grading within 20 working days of receipt of confirmation that an application has been unsuccessful.
  • The Tenure Committee reviews all appeal documentation and make a determination.
  • The Tenure Committee’s decision will be the final level of appeal internal to the University.


The application form for the 2023 process will be available in early June 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you hold a permanent post of lecturer and you have successfully completed the probation and induction period you are eligible to apply for the award of Tenure. More details can be found in the policy.

The Head of School must comment on the Lecturer/Assistant Professor’s performance throughout the probation/induction period, against the tenure requirements, as appropriate

Where it is the recommendation of the Head of School that the requirements for tenure have not been satisfied and that tenure be withheld, s/he should document her/his recommendation, but also the reasons for it, and the remedial plan that has been agreed with the Lecturer/Assistant Professor to ensure that the tenure requirements will be satisfied in the future.

No, the first year of your induction period will run concurrently with the probationary period

Faculty appointed as Associate Professor will not be required to complete an induction period. Please review the policy for full details on induction periods.

You should check your Contract of Employment to see what was specified regarding the probation and induction period. You should also read the policy.  If, having read both documents, you are still unsure if you are eligible you should contact UCD HR, Promotions & Grading.

Once you have satisfactorily completed your probationary period you are deemed to be a permanent member of staff of the University.

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