Jury Service

Jury Service is obligatory for every citizen over the age of 18 who is entered on the Register of Electors. UCD HR would encourage employees to make every effort to carry out their civic duty and report for Jury Service. In this section you can learn more about the Jury Service policy and associated procedures.

Jury Service Policy

The Jury Service Policy sets out procedures to be followed in the event that attendance would be problematic. The policy also covers issues surrounding return to work.

Read the Jury Service Policy now.

This section contains a summary of a UCD policy, however, in all cases the Policy remains the definitive source of information on the topic.

Jury Service procedures

Able to attend                                

You should give your Head of School / Unit a copy of the Summons to sit on the Jury. This should be retained in the School / Unit rather than forwarded to UCD HR.                           

Able to attend but dismissed early

On the day, not all individuals are selected for Jury Service. If you are dismissed early then it is normally expected that you will return to work. This should be clarified with your School / Unit beforehand.

Unable to attend owing to work pressure

If, following consultation with your School / Unit, it is agreed that pressures of work mean you can't attend then the Head of School / Unit will need to write to the County Registrar requesting you are excused.

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