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Page updated 3 February 2023

The fundamental role of the extern examiner is to assure academic standards and the quality of teaching, learning and assessment. The extern examiner confirms that the academic standards of courses, modules and the awards to which they lead are consistent with the academic outcomes specified by the University, and are comparable to those achieved in the subject area in equivalent universities internationally.  

This section contains information for School Administrators in relation to the set-up, and payment process through the University Payroll for those engaged as Extern Examiners, i.e.  Irish resident Extern Examiners and non-resident Extern Examiners who visit UCD.

Effective 1st March 2022, as instructed by the Office of the Revenue Commissioners, individual examiners, who are

  • Irish residents


  • non-Irish residents who visit the University Campus

are required to have their fee processed through the University payroll.

Please note that Extern Examiner Fees for those who carry out the role of Extern Examiner completely remotely (excludes Irish Residents) and all Claims for expenses for travelling to and from UCD continue to be paid through Finance.

Rates of pay

Relevant rates of pay can be found on UCD Assessment website

Many of the external examiners will not have Irish PPS numbers and while this will not prevent payment through payroll, it will mean that their fees will be paid under deduction of emergency tax plus USC  (rates at date of payment will apply eg 2022 rates  emergency tax 40%, USC  8%) . Externs can, if they wish, (opens in a new window)apply for a PPS number in order to claim a rebate of tax where relevant)

Fee Payment Process for Resident/Non Resident Extern Examiners visiting UCD

Payments of Extern Examiner Fees to be processed through the University payroll are paid using the Ad-Hoc Process.  Full details on this process can be found here  on the Ad Hoc Payments page.

Extern Examiners visiting from Visa Required Countries

Actions for School/Unit

  1. Those inviting the Extern Examiner visiting UCD must review the list of visa-required countries on the department website, available here: (opens in a new window)Immigration-Service-Delivery-Visa-and-Non-Visa-Required-Countries.pdf (irishimmigration.ie).
  2. If the individual is a national of a country that is on the list of visa-required countries:

Permission to Work

It is the responsibility of the School/Unit/Extern Examiner to ensure they have the necessary authorisation to work legally in Ireland before work commences.

As visits to UCD by Extern Examiners, in the norm, is under a 14 consecutive day period, a Work Permit is not required for those coming from Visa-Required countries.  Nevertheless, it is a requirement that individuals from both visa-required countries and non-visa-required countries bring supporting documentation to border control to prove their travel plans and to confirm that they will not be working for a period of more than 14 days.

It is likely they will be asked for full details of the start date of work, end date of work and date they intend to leave Ireland.  The only difference for visa-required countries is that they must complete a visa application before coming to Ireland in order to land in the country.

This Checklist outlines key actions required for non-resident Extern Examiners visiting UCD.

Regulations regarding (i)  visa requirements are laid down by the (opens in a new window)Department of Justice and (ii) employment permits are laid down by the (opens in a new window)Department of Business, Enterprise and Employment and must be strictly adhered to.

Payment cannot and will not be made to any person who is not authorised to work in Ireland.

UK Citizens

UK citizens have the (opens in a new window)right to work in Ireland without an employment permit under the Common Travel Area.

Template Letter of Invite for Visiting Extern Examiners from Visa and Non-Visa Required Countries

This Template Letter should be updated accordingly by the School/Unit with the relevant information where appropriate and issued well in advance to invite the individual to undertake the Extern Examiner role. 

There is no change to the process adopted to-date by Schools and Units to invite Extern Examiners who are Irish Residents or who do the work fully remotely. 

Garda Vetting

If there is a requirement for Garda vetting, full details on Garda Vetting are available here

Further information:

Any queries on Garda Vetting should be directed to (opens in a new window)staffvetting@ucd.ie

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