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UCD Web Accessibility Statement

University College Dublin is dedicated to supporting the needs of people with disabilities, and as such we understand and respect the importance of complying with accessibility standards. We strive to provide digital resources that meet accessibility standards and align to international best practice. This is supported by University for All which is UCD's whole-institution approach to inclusion.

Our aim is to continually monitor and assess that our websites are:

  • Technically accessible, in that it is possible for all users to access all information and functionality;
  • Equally usable, in that it is not prohibitively difficult or time consuming for users with disabilities to carry out normal tasks;
  • Capable of being adapted or configured by individual users to meet their specific needs and preferences;
  • Capable of interfacing with appropriate, widely available assistive technologies employed by users.

UCD is committed to:

  • Ensuring that information presented on the UCD websites achieve “Level AA” conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and complies with the National Disability Authority’s Code of Practice on Accessibility of Public Services and Information Provided by Public Bodies.
  • Complying wherever possible with mobile accessibility as new devices become available.
  • Working to include accessibility when we procure third-party systems or upgrades to existing systems.
  • Testing the websites affiliated and operated by UCD. Currently, the majority of UCD websites (currently totalling to 417 sites) are being monitored by automated accessibility testing. These sites encompass all the websites that are part of the UCD domain, that is sites that are hosted by UCD under our own DNS, and additionally some of the externally hosted sites that are managed by UCD schools or units, such as research project sites.

Compliance Status

These websites are partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 level AA.

The table below outlines the average score (out of 100) for compliance against the “A” and “AA” standards.  We have computed an overall UCD Accessibility Score (as the average of the “A” and “AA” score).  These scores will be published at regular intervals.


Silktide “A” Score

Silktide “AA” Score

UCD Accessibility Score

November 2021




June 2022




August 2022




October 2022




December 2022




Non-accessible content

We are working on a continuous basis to improve the level of compliance with “A” and “AA” standards.  In particular, we are working to address the following issues:

  • Not all images have appropriate alt text that is informative and descriptive.
  • Not all links, buttons, and controls change appearance when they are selected.
  • Some text has insufficient colour contrast for visually impaired users.
  • Some documents that are in PDF format are not fully accessible
  • Not all pages are optimised for mobile, including pages that don’t require zooming and 2D scrolling on small screens.
  • Some video content fails to include the option of closed captions.

Preparation of this Accessibility Statement

We have utilised specialist software from Silktide to provide automated accessibility testing. Using the Silktide platform, we run tests every five days on active sites within the UCD platform.  The audit report is made available to site owners for them to take action.

This statement was last updated on 30 November 2021. We aim to update this statement as often as significant changes are required.

Reporting Accessibility Issues

We’re always interested in ways to improve the accessibility of this website. If you have an accessibility query/issue please contact the website owner so that they can address it.

Additional accessibility statements for individual UCD websites are listed here: