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Managing Attendance & Sick Leave

Page updated 22 May 2023

Regular attendance and good time-keeping are an essential part of the smooth and effective running of the University. In this section you can learn who is involved in management of sick leave and get a detailed outline of their roles and responsibilities.

This page mainly refers to the management and administration of the sick leave process. For details of your sick leave entitlements and notice periods, consult the Sick Leave section.

Managing Attendance & Sick Leave Policy

This policy, which is applicable to all permanent and temporary employees, sets out in detail the roles and responsibilities of employees, Heads of School/Units/Line Managers and UCD HR in the management of attendance. The policy also sets out the role of the Occupational Health Provider and the Employee Assistance Service in supporting employee wellbeing.

Read the (opens in a new window)Managing Attendance & Sick Leave Policy now.

This section contains a summary of a UCD policy, however, in all cases the Policy remains the definitive source of information on the topic.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Managing Attendance & Sick Leave Policy details the roles and responsibilities in detail but below you will find a summary of some of the key roles.

  • To provide regular and efficient service
  • To minimise absences arising from accidents and ill health at work by complying with the Health & Safety Statement and taking reasonable care of their own safety and that of others
  • To comply with all provisions of the Managing Attendance & Sick Leave Policy which include:
    • To notify the appropriate Head of School/Unit/Line Manager directly or in accordance with local arrangements as soon as possible before normal/scheduled starting time
    • To maintain regular contact during extended periods of absence to keep the Head of School/Unit/Line Manager advised of progress and likely date of return
    • To submit medical certificates to the Head of School/Unit/Line Manager as and when required. The duration of the medical certificate must be specified and follow up medical certificates submitted on a weekly basis unless otherwise advised.
    • To participate in a return to work follow up with their Head of School/Unit/Line Manager following each episode of sick leave absence.
    • To co-operate fully with rehabilitative measures to facilitate his/her return to work as soon as he/she is capable of doing so.

  • To promote a positive attendance culture in the workplace by communicating the importance of regular attendance, fostering
    teamwork and fostering a dignity at work environment for all employee members
  • To communicate HR policies (such as Dignity at Work and the Grievance Procedure) and deal promptly with issues which may affect an employee member’s motivation to attend work e.g. alleged bullying/harassment, grievances
  • To familiarise themselves with best practice management guidelines in relation to managing attendance
  • To manage health and safety in the workplace
  • To ensure that employees are familiar with the sick leave procedure
  • To ensure compliance with the notification and certification requirements
  • To ensure that where employee members take more than the seven day limit of self certified leave, any such period will be considered an unpaid absence from work and UCD HR should be informed that a recoupment from salary needs to be made, unless a medical certificate is provided to cover the period of absence
  • To maintain accurate attendance records in accordance with standard procedures
  • To identify patterns and trends of sickness absence, particularly frequent and persistent short term absences which may or may not be related to health reasons
  • To maintain contact with the employee member during extended periods of absence
  • To liaise with UCD HR in relation to the services provided by the university’s Occupational Health Provider where it is believed that health related matters are affecting the employee member’s work or work is affecting the employee member’s health
  • To carry out a dedicated management follow up with the employee after every episode of absence
  • To carry out informal discussions where the employee's attendance record is giving cause for concern with and advise them of the required improvements
  • To invoke the disciplinary procedure where appropriate

  • To provide advice and support to Heads of School/Unit/Line Managers in the monitoring and management of sickness absence; in particular, specific guidance can be sought from the HR Partner in your area
  • To help monitor the effectiveness of the Managing Attendance & Sick Leave Policy and ensure that it is being applied consistently throughout the organisation
  • To work with Heads of School/Units to help assist in identifying where improvements can be made
  • To liaise with the Occupational Health Provider and Heads of School/Unit/Line Managers in the case of UCD HR/Safety Office referrals to Occupational Health and advise on the implementation of recommendations arising from medical assessments
  • To collaborate with Occupational Health Providers/Health and Safety Unit and the Employee Assistance Service Providers to develop initiatives to promote a safe and healthy working environment

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