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Safety Statements

Under current health and safety legislation (Section 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act (No. 10 of 2005)), all workplaces are required to have in place a Safety Statement and accompanying risk assessments. A Safety Statement is a written document that outlines how the health and safety of all persons in the workplace will be safeguarded.

The (opens in a new window)University Parent Safety Statement document, prepared and maintained by the SIRC Office, details how the University plans to manage safety in the workplace. Inter Alia, it contains information on the duties and responsibilities of key functionaries, employee safety representation, safety committees, safety statements, risk assessment, accident investigation, emergency planning, and safety training. The provisions as laid down in the University Parent Safety Statement are applicable across the University.

To accompany the University Parent Safety Statement, the University SIRC Office has also developed a number of Safety Statements on a (opens in a new window)College and High-Level Administrative Function basis which give details of how safety is managed within that college or Administrative area. These must be consulted in conjunction with the (opens in a new window)University Policy on Health and Safety Management.

In situations where Schools within a single College have similar risks then they may use the College Safety Statement as the basis for their safety management. Similarly, administrative function Units may use the High-Level Administrative Function Safety Statement to cover their operations. Advice on this approach can be obtained from the (opens in a new window)SIRC Office.

Where appropriate Schools, Units, and any other groups may produce Local Area Safety Statements which provide information on how safety is managed at a local level. In particular, they contain safety information on specific hazards that are to be found in their designated areas and also the control measures that must be taken to reduce the risks from these hazards. To assist in this regard, the SIRC Office has produced a (opens in a new window)Local Area Safety Statement Template.

All University Colleges, Schools, Facilities and Units must have in place a Local Area Safety Statement where the risks therein are not adequately managed by a College or High-Level Administrative Function Safety Statement. Advice on this can be obtained from the (opens in a new window)SIRC Office.

The contents of all Safety Statements must be brought to the attention of all employees (including part-time workers and temporary contract workers) whose assigned duties are covered by the safety statement upon commencement of employment, following any modification to the document, and at least annually thereafter. The contents of the safety statement must also be brought to the attention of non-University employees or students who may be exposed to the risks that the safety statement outlines.

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