Drone Insurance

The SIRC Office have prepared a short set of requirements for the use of drones by UCD personnel which are detailed in the UCD Drone Users - Guidance. These requirements have been drawn up based on current European legislative requirements for the operation of drones. The process of how to obtain drone operator insurance is also outlined in this guidance document.

It is advised that persons review all European legislative requirements relating to drone operation and ensure that they are adhering to same (Further information on drone regulations and guidance is available the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)). 

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Please complete the UCD Drone Registration Form below to register the ownership and use of a drone.

A separate application must be completed for each drone. Further information on drone regulations and guidance is available the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

For further information, please contact sirc@ucd.ie

To operate a drone on campus, the following must be supplied to the UCD SIRC Office:

  • Insurance details for the drone operator specifically stating the operation of drones within the business description.
  • Indemnity to UCD
  • IAA registration and approval / licence for the flight / use
  • Risk assessments / flight plan for the drone operation.