Travel Safety and Insurance

Information updated on 18th January 2022

Travel Insurance Information

All international travel must be notified to the SIRC Office in order to confirm that travel and personal accident insurance is in place.

When applied this insurance cover extends to travel that originates in Ireland and from the time that an insured person leaves their home or their normal place of work (whichever is the latest) and ends when that person returns to their normal place of work or their home (whichever is the earliest).


International Travel Safety and Travel Insurance

The UCD Policy on International Travel Safety and Travel Insurance, which is endorsed by the University Management Team, has been developed to inform all persons engaged in foreign travel about the University’s travel safety and travel insurance provisions and limitations. This policy describes the approvals process within UCD related to international travel, travel insurance and the international travel risk assessment. 

This policy is not based exclusively around Covid 19 risks but considers all aspects of international travel and therefore is applicable to all such travel irrespective of the Covid status of the destination. 

It is important that persons travelling abroad on approved University business are familiar with the provisions of this policy and adhere to its provisions.


Travel Approvals Process

The approvals process is based on the EU Digital Covid Certificate System and the Department Of Foreign Affairs Travel Advisory System.

It should be noted that:

  • Authorisation is required for certain types of travel (see Table 1 below)
  • For low risk travel in the UK and EU no authorisation is required and insurance can be assumed.
  • Permission from your Head of School / Unit must be obtained for any travel to a country or region which is outside of the UK / EU, and details of such travel must be submitted to SIRC ( in advance to confirm travel insurance.
  • Permission from your UMT line manager and your Head of School / Unit must be obtained for any travel to a country or region which is subject to an ‘Avoid Non Essential Travel’ travel advisory, and details of such travel must be submitted to SIRC in advance to confirm travel insurance.
  • Any travel that requires approval must also be risk assessed using the International Travel Risk Assessment template.
  • For travel involving fieldwork a Fieldwork Risk Assessment must also be completed irrespective of the location.

UCD International Travels Approvals Process

Table 1. UCD International Travel Approvals Process (Taken from Policy on International Travel Safety and Travel Insurance)


Notification of Travel

When making a submission to the SIRC Office seeking confirmation of travel cover the following details must be included: o

Submissions should be made to the SIRC Office at least ten days in advance of any travel.


Travel and Personal Accident Insurance 

As part of the confirmation of insurance cover the SIRC Office will provide travellers with details of the limits of cover in place and emergency contact numbers to be used for medical emergencies whilst abroad.

It should be noted that in certain circumstances cover for losses related to Covid 19, such as cancellation, curtailment, self-isolation, mandatory Covid 19 tests or quarantine costs on arrival etc. will be limited and may not be recoverable from insurers.

In the event that the Covid 19 situation in the country of travel deteriorates further or the travel advisory status changes, such that return travel is impacted, insurance cover may be affected.


Travel Safety and Insurance Guidance Documents

‌All persons travelling on behalf of the University are advised to read the UCD Travel Safety Guidelines and the UCD Travel Insurance Guide for Staff or the ‌‌UCD Travel Insurance Guide for Postgrads


European Health Insurance Card

Notwithstanding the extension of UCD’s insurance cover all persons travelling within the EU and the EEA are advised to obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This allows access to the public health systems of countries within these areas and is free of charge.


Travel Insurance Claim

Any queries in relation to making a claim under the university travel and personal accident policy can be sent to

Assessment of any claim will be subject to the policy term and conditions.