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Emergency Response Procedures

Emergency Response Procedures

In all instances contacting the Emergency Services must be done via the Campus Services 24 hour Emergency Line extension 7999 or 01 716 7999 from a mobile. Services personnel will then contact the Emergency Services and ensure that they are met upon their arrival on campus and are escorted to the correct location of any incident.

Any fire, hazardous agent spillage, exposure to a chemical agent, personal injury or near miss must be notified to the University SIRC Office using an official accident report form. Forms can be obtained from the University SIRC Office / Campus Services or from your local area safety representative. Contact sirc@ucd.ie, ext. 8768 / 8770 / 8771 or refer to the Accident Report page for further details.

The information provided below details the emergency response procedures for evacuating a building in UCD and the corresponding evacuation assembly points for UCD buildings. Additionally, information is provided on Personal Emergency Egress Plans (PEEPs), dealing with acute students situations and practical guidance for First Aid Responders during the COVID-19 pandemic is also detailed below. 

To know what to do if you hear a fire alarm in UCD, or you observe a fire, refer to the UCD Fire Evacuation Procedures below. Information on these procedures may also be available in the fire evacuation notices displayed locally in UCD buildings or your local area safety statement. The UCD Generic Fire Evacuation poster is available to amend and the relevant local assembly area/s for your building can be inserted. Individual evacuation assembly areas for each building in UCD are shown in the interactive map and listed below. Contact sirc@ucd.ie if further assistance is required. 

UCD Evacuation Procedures Poster

The individual evacuation assembly areas for each building in UCD are listed below and shown in the interactive map. For further information, please contact sirc@ucd.ie

Belfield Campus

  • Agriculture & Food Sci. Building - 1) In Front of Church, 2) Car Park Behind Church
  • Ardmore Annex - Beside the Lake
  • Ardmore House - Beside the Lake
  • Arts Annex Buildings: UCD Geary Institute, Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington Building UCD Humanities Institute - Pedestrian Walkway to Newman (Adj. the Ashfield Students Residences)
  • Charles Institute – SBI - 1) Rear of Charles Institute / SBI at Bicycle Area / Car Park
  • Church - 1) In Front of Church, 2) Car Park Behind Church
  • Computer Centre - Pedestrian Area in Front of Computer Centre (Corner of Science North)
  • Computer Science - 1) Pedestrian Area in Front of Computer Centre (Corner Science North)
  • Confucius Institute for Ireland & Irish Institute for Chinese Studies - In Front of the Building, Beside the Lake
  • Conway Institute Building - 1) Adjacent to road at the rear of Woodview House2) Rear of Charles/SBI at Bicycle Rack
  • Daedalus Building - Green Area between Tierney and Daedalus
  • Engineering Building - Beside the Lake, In Front of Confucius Institute
  • Health Sciences Centre - 1) Pedestrian Area in Front of Computer Centre 2) Car Park to Rear of SLLS
  • James Joyce Library - Beside the Lake
  • John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies - Beside the Lake, In Front of Confucius Institute
  • Newman Building - 1) Beside the Lake, 2) Rear of Building (At Pedestrian Crossing to Arts Annexe)
  • Newstead: Block A, B, C - Car Park in Front of the Building Main Entrance
  • UCD Nexus, Belfield Office Park - 1) Assembly Areas 5, Right of Front Entrance, 2) Assembly Areas 6, Left of Front Entrance
  • UCD Nova - Visitor Car Park to the Front of the Building
  • National Virus Reference Laboratory / CRID / CEPHR - Between the Lake and the Tierney Building
  • O'Reilly Hall - Car Park 2, Adjacent the Building
  • Quinn School of Business - 1) Front of Building: Main Concourse, 2) Rear of Building: Pavement at Back of Building
  • Restaurant (Main) Building - Front of Building: Main concourse
  • Richview Buildings - Richview Main Car Park
  • Roebuck Castle - Car Park at the Front of Roebuck Castle 
  • Roebuck Offices - Car Park Beside Roebuck Annex (Opposite Roebuck Offices Main Entrance)
  • Rosemount Environmental Research Station - Historical orchard sign-bottom of orchard
  • Science Centre: C.S.C.B Bld - Beside the Lake
  • Science Centre Hub - 1) In Front of the Church, 2) Pedestrian Area in Front of Computer Centre (Corner Science North)
  • Science Centre East - 1) Car Park 2, Beside Veterinary Science Centre 2) Beside the Lake
  • Science Centre North - 1) Pedestrian Area in Front of Computer Centre (Corner Science North), 2) Car Park 2, Beside Veterinary Sciences Centre
  • Science Centre South - 1) In Front of the Church, 2) Beside the Lake
  • Science Centre West -  1) In Front of the Church, 2) Pedestrian Area in Front of Computer Centre (Corner Science North)
  • Sports Centre - 1) Bus Stop to Rear of Sports Centre, 2) SLLS Car Park to Rear of Sports
  • Student Learning & Leisure Sports Facility (SLLS) - Car Park 1, Beside Student Centre 
  • Sutherland School of Law - In Front of Building Main Entrance (Beside Lake) 
  • The Village Fulcrum Rear of UCD Moore Centre for Business Building (Pavement at Back of Building)
  • Tierney Building - 1) Beside the Lake, 2) Green Area between Tierney and Daedalus
  • UCD Research Building1) Beside the Lake, 2) Green Area between Tierney and Daedalus
  • Veterinary Science Centre - Car Park 2, Adjacent the Building   
  • Veterinary Hospital - Car Park 2, Adjacent the Building    
  • Woodview House - In Front of Woodview House Main Entrance 

 Blackrock Campus

  • Blackrock C & E Building - Assembly Area A: Area to Rear of E Block/ Memorial Hall
  • Blackrock Graduate School of Business - Assembly Area B: To Front of Graduate School of Business/ Corner of Car Park
  • Blackrock Examination Centre - Assembly Area C: In Front of the Building         
  • Blackrock Library & Management House - Assembly Area D: Grass Area at Side of Library  
  • Blackrock Management House/ Proby Residences - Assembly Area E: Area to Rear of Management House/ Proby Residences
  • Blackrock Management House/ Proby Residences - Assembly Area F: Area Outside the Granite Room
  • Blackrock Restaurant Building - Assembly Area G: Outside Restaurant 

The UCD Advice for First Aid Responders: COVID 19 guide is intended to provide some practical guidance and reassurance to First Aid Responders [FAR] in UCD.

To minimise risk, it is advised that all UCD First Aid Responders should avoid close contact with a person who may require first aid on campus, unless absolutely necessary or if Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available.

To request first aid assistance, persons should immediately contact the UCD 24-hour Emergency Line on Ext. 7999 or 01 716 7999 from a mobile.

The 7999 first aid responders have access to PPE and can respond to first aid requests.

Patients in cardiac arrest should have compression only CPR applied. Do not give mouth to mouth rescue breaths.

Call the UCD Emergency Line on ext. 7999 for assistance and use an AED as soon as possible. See locations of AED’s in UCD.

Further advice and information

UCD Advice for First Aid Responders: COVID 19_Rev.0 June 2020

Order of Malta Ireland Guidelines on First Aid in the workplace

PHECC Covid 19 Advice for Responders

HSE advice on Performing CPR

HPSC Guidance on CPR in the context of Covid 19

Personal Emergency Egress Plans (PEEP's) are advisable for staff and students who suffer from a sensory, physical or medical impairment that may make evacuation of a building in an emergency more challenging.

PEEPS are ‘personal’ plans and are tailored to an individual’s needs and help address the challenges that that individual staff member or student may have to face in evacuating a university building in an emergency.

Staff who would like to discuss the preparation of a PEEP should contact the UCD SIRC Office.

Students who would like to discuss the preparation of a PEEP plan should contact the University Access and Lifelong Learning Office.

The UCD SIRC Office have prepared a guidance document entitled Dealing with Acute Student Situations and Other Emergencies to provide staff members, who work in public offices and have face to face interactions with students and members of the public, with a set of guidelines for dealing with various types of emergency situations that may arise when dealing with same, e.g. disruptive or threatening behaviour; emotionally distressed students, student or staff injury.

The UCD Student Mental Health Policy and further information and useful documents can be found through the website Student Supports on Campus

Contact UCD SIRC Office

University SIRC Office, Roebuck Castle, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 8768 | E: sirc@ucd.ie