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Page updated 15 August 2022

The Research Funded Pathway Policy has been developed to enable UCD to attract leading academics in their field to the university. Staff appointed using this pathway have successfully competed for major research grants. Below you will find a summary of the policy and the process for appointment.

Research Funded Pathway Policy Summary

Full details of the scope can be found in the policy but, broadly speaking, the pathway can be considered to appoint researchers who have successfully competed for major research grants from prestigious funding agencies into positions which reflect UCD's strategic priorities:

  • Senior academic staff who are research leaders, and who are internationally recognised scholars with substantial research experience from respected, high-calibre institutions.
  • Early career academic staff, who are high-potential researchers.

Appointment criteria come under three headings, though the primary focus of assessment will be under Research, Scholarship & Innovation:

  • Research, Scholarship & Innovation
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Leadership & Contribution

In addition, all successful applicants under this pathway will be in possession of (or their appointment conditional on receipt of) a substantial research project award from a funding agency, such as, the European Research Council (ERC), or equivalent prestigious funding agency

This section contains a summary of a UCD policy, however, in all cases the Policy remains the definitive source of information on the topic. For more details in relation to the scope of the policy, the assessment principles and process, please read the (opens in a new window)Research Funded Pathway Policy

Process for assessment and appointment

Step 1: Identification of potential applicant for appointment by a Head of School / College Principal / Institute Director. 

Step 2: The Head of School / College Principal / Institute Director must submit a statement of application to UCD HR, Promotions & Grading ((opens in a new window)Promotions@ucd.ie). The Statement of application must incorporate:

  • Details on how the applicant was identified
  • A concise statement of the international recognition of the applicant's research leadership/achievement
  • An identification of the connection between the strategic goals of the University and those of the funding agency from which the research award is/was sought
  • A clear statement indicating the ability and commitment of the College and School to the long-term financial support of the post should support from the funding agency be withdrawn or not renewed
  • A statement demonstrating how the applicant's contribution to the teaching and learning mission of the University will be established, and a specific commentary on the applicant's suitability as a lecturer.  This statement should not exceed four sides of A4.
  • The names and contact details of three independent external assessors who are recognised as international leaders in the applicant's subject area, from whom the Evaluation Committee, if it considers necessary, can seek independent reports on the applicant's suitability for appointment.

In addition, the applicant must submit the following:

  • Copy of their full Curriculum Vitae including a list of their publications
  • A personal career plan, in which the applicant indicates the strategy, trajectory and goal they plan to achieve during the next five years.  This plan document should not exceed two sides of A4 paper.
  • Evidence of receipt of a suitable grant.

Step 3: UCD HR, Promotions and Grading submit the application to the President (or in the absence of the President, the Deputy President) to establish whether a prima facie case exists to assess the application.  A prima facie case will exist, if following consultation, the President or Deputy President decides that the body of evidence against the criteria as set out in the Development Framework for Faculty merits further assessment.

Where the President or Deputy President agrees that there is a prima facie case to assess an applicant under this processs, they will:

Establish an Evaluation Committee, consisting of five senior members of the University with relevant expertise, chaired by the relevant College Prinicpal.  In establishing this Committee, the President or Deputy President will take into account the need for gender balance and diversity.

Step 4:  The Evaluation Committee will appoint three independent external assessors who shall be asked to provide written assessments on the applicants suitabilty for appointment.  These names will be forwarded to UCD HR Promotions and Grading ((opens in a new window)Promotions@ucd.ie).  The Evaluation Committee will meet to assess the full application along with the external assessor reports.

Step 5:  The Evaluation Committee will make a recommendation, and this recommendation is forwarded to the President/Deputy President for approval.

The Head of School / College Principal / Institute Director will be informed in writing of the outcome of the President's decision.

Step 6: The recommendation is also forwarded to the Governing Authority and the Academic Council for noting.

Step 7: Following a successful outcome, UCD HR, Resourcing will contact the Head of School / College Principal / Institute Director to initiate the appointment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have identified an internationally recognised scholar with substantial research funding who is working in an area of research that reflect UCD’s strategic priorities and who has indicated that they would be willing to transfer to UCD.

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