The role of the HR Partner is similar to that of a local HR Manager. Their primary objective is to support organisational effectiveness by working strategically with management teams and individual staff managers, supporting them in dealing with organisational and individual challenges, and in developing proactive and planned staffing, employee relations and organisational strategies.

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We provide a wide range of training and development courses which reflect the UCD competency frameworks, enabling employees to engage with programmes which will support development goals identified through the Performance for Growth process. Our team can also work with managers to design bespoke training and development solutions to enhance the overall effectiveness of established teams.

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Resourcing needs of the University are overseen by four Resourcing Consultants based in Roebuck Offices. Each Resourcing Consultant manages both the Core and Research Funded posts in their portfolios. A summary of the Colleges, Schools, Units, Institutes, etc. serviced by members of each team, including direct contact details and a point of contact for escalation is outlined below.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager Marcellina, together with specialists Eimear, Licia and Tom, leads and supports initiatives that contribute to the enhancement of the University environment where diversity is celebrated, and all members of the community are treated equally and with respect. It is the responsibility of all members of our University community to create a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can contribute and reach their full potential. Find out more about EDI initiatives and supports on the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion website.

Employee Engagement specialists Mark and Paul partner with colleagues from across the university, in collaboration with the Employee Engagement Network,to build and strengthen the UCD community. Our aim is to make UCD a great place to work. Learn more about how we’re doing this and get involved.