The Dublin Academy of Pathogenomics and Infection Biology (DAPI) was formed in 2010 to enhance synergy in research and teaching between microbiologists based in University College Dublin and in Trinity College Dublin who are interested in the application of functional genomics methods to the study of microbial pathogens of humans and animals. At present the Academy brings 25 research labs together, encompassing a wide range of research interests and spanning an impressive array of bacterial and eukaryotic pathogens.

The foundation of DAPI reflects the strength of Dublin internationally as a centre for research and teaching in the areas of pathogenomics and infection biology. One of our goals is to maximize the use of research infrastructure in the two cooperating universities for the pursuit of advanced research in microbial pathogen biology and host-pathogen interactions.

A further goal is to enhance the educational experience of undergraduate and postgraduate students at the two universities who undertake courses in areas of microbial science relevant to the interests of the Academy. In addition, the Academy will add value to the professional formation of postdoctoral scientists working in the participating laboratories, allowing them to broaden their research experience during their time in Dublin.

While DAPI will focus in its early stages of development on research topics in microbiology, it is envisaged that it will span other areas of microbiology relating to infectious disease in the future. The Academy publishes information about its educational and research activities on its website, together with announcements about future Academy events.