UCD Institute for Sport & Health is part of a comprehensive and far-reaching initiative to provide a world class sporting environment at UCD.

Welcome to the UCD institute for Sport and Health (ISH). ISH was set up in 2006 under its present director, Professor Colin Boreham, with the specific aim of optimising sporting performance and health for UCD and its wider community through the generation, application and sharing of scientific knowledge.

ISH has its academic home in the university's School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Population Science, and has close links with the highly successful undergraduate courses run by the school's Centre for Sports Studies

It also works closely with UCD Sport to promote sport and health among students and staff, as well as the wider community through its research and wellness initiatives, and DBC sports medicine services.

ISH is also the home for the Ad Astra Elite Athlete Programme which supports 60 top class students athletes from a wide variety of sports during their studies at UCD.

"Sports Science, without question, is the biggest and most important change in my lifetime." Sir Alex Ferguson

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