Reproductive & Developmental Biology

Research groups in this area are comprised of multidisciplinary teams of basic and clinical scientists, with a special interest in the key mechanisms underlying reproduction and early embryonic development. Research models used include bovine, chick, Xenopus laevis and human.

Professor Sabine Koelle and her research group are focused on reproductive medicine, especially on improving the results of assisted reproduction. Recent research projects include the mechanisms of gameto-maternal interaction, embryo-maternal communication and early embryogenesis in humans and animals. Additionally her group is establishing new criteria for functional sperm and oocyte assessment and is developing new methods for in vivo imaging of fertilization and early embryogenesis in the female genital tract.

Dr. Lynne O’Shea and her research group are focused on providing a molecular understanding of the factors affecting fertility. With a special interest in basic science, current research projects range from oocyte and follicle development to fertility preservation in women. Additionally, as director of ReproIRE, an Irish Research Council funded consortium, Dr. O’Shea is leading the clinical validation of novel biomarkers of oocyte quality; with the potential to improve pregnancy rates following assisted reproduction.

Academic Staff

Prof. Sabine Koelle Professor of Anatomy & Developmental Biology Profile
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