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Growing Research Programmes with Movember

The Movember campaign has become a phenomenal success. On the lighter side, it taps into man’s ambition to release his inner Neanderthal. On the more serious side, it heightens awareness of prostate cancer and raises vital funds to support research into this disease that is diagnosed in 3000 men in Ireland each year.

Partners in Health, Addressing Social Injustices that Give Rise to Poor Health

Partners in Health (PIH) is a non-profit organization affiliated with Harvard Medical School that provides healthcare to the destitute poor, and attempts to address the social injustices that give rise to poor health ( Each year, PIH runs a summer internship program in the Boston office that offers the opportunity to engage in global health and social justice work by collaborating with PIH and Harvard faculty and staff. 

Dr Jonathan McNulty elected to the Executive Board of the EFRS

During the EFRS AGM held in Coimbra, Portugal, on the 7th and 8th of November, Dr Jonathan McNulty (Diagnostic Imaging, SMMS) was elected to the Executive Board (2014-2017) where he will be responsible for education, training and research matters and will represent the EFRS in a number of fora including the European Commission, WHO, International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists, European Society of Radiology, European Congress of Radiology and across a number of EU-funded research projects.