Research, science and a commitment to enquiry and discovery inform every aspect of the School's mission

Our School has a wide and dynamic research portfolio extending from in silico bioinformatics, molecular laboratory investigations of disease to clinical research evaluating new therapeutic strategies.

Our 100 investigators generate approximately €15 million in annual research income and have grants under management work over €85 million. They also generate over 1,500 publications per year. 

Many of our research staff are involved in multi-national research projects and clinical trials, contributing to UCD’s global footprint in healthcare science research.

In addition our undergraduate students are always encouraged to immerse themselves in structured medical research throughout their studies. This approach is consistent with our desire to shape not just world-class healthcare professionals but also scientific innovators who will advance the boundaries of medical understanding and contibute to the development of new approaches to treatment and care to benefit patients. 

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Research Office Contact Details

For all student (PhD/ MSc/ MD and MCh) queries 

For all Grant/ PI/ OHFs/HR queries

For SSRA (Student Summer Research Awards) queries
Senior Administrator-Admin Support Team

Research Office Team

Elaine Byrne
Programme Manager - Research 
T: 01 716 6600

Niamh McCarthy
Senior Administrator-Admin Support Team
T: 01 716 6585

Edward Moore
Senior Administrator-Admin Support Team
T: 01 716 6589

Research Integrity

UCD is committed to the promotion of an environment which maintains the highest standards of integrity in relation to its educational mission and research activity. It is university policy that all those engaged with research maintain the highest standards of rigour and integrity in all aspects of research and ensure that research is conducted according to appropriate ethical, legal and professional obligations and standards.

SoM Clinical Research Integrity

Research Integrity Champions

Deborah Wallace
Assistant Professor in Clinical Research
UCD Clinical Research Centre

Stephen Thorpe
Ad Astra Fellow – Assistant Professor
UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research

Main Research Integrity Email