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The UCD Intern Training Network is proud to be involved in delivering dedicated postgraduate training to interns since establishment of the intern Training Networks across the country, in 2009.

The Network is responsible for the provision and coordination of the Intern CPD Programme and is accredited by the Medical Council (of Ireland). The structure of the programme reflects both the traditional ‘apprenticeship’ nature of intern training and the requirements for a more formalized educational structure under the Medical Practitioners Act (2017). 

Completion of an Internship in Ireland is required in order to progress to any postgraduate trainee scheme. Successful completion of this Intern CPD Programme results in the awarding of a Certificate of Experience (COE) by the Medical Council (of Ireland). The CPD programme requires several mandatory training components completed during a twelve-month supervised internship, which are delivered by dedicated intern tutors and consultant trainers at each UCD Clinical Site. 

Donal OShea

Professor Donal O Shea

Consultant Endocrinologist, SVUH & St Columcille's Hospital, Full Clinical Professor, UCD & 



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Dr Jonathan Hunter UCD Intern Training Network 2020/ 21

I worked as an intern in MMUH under Urology, Hepatobiliary, Endocrinology and Nephrology and had great support from each team, learning and mastering vital procedural skills on the ward. Intern led presentations and teaching sessions were provided twice weekly and I was encouraged to be involved in research projects and guided by senior NCHDs toward suitable conferences and papers. Overall, the Network gave me the support required to bring me to the next step in my career as an SHO.

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