How to Apply for an Internship in Republic of Ireland


NRS (National Recruitment  Services) HSE (Health Services Executive) 

NRS HSE is the body responsible for the recruitment and allocation of Intern posts in Ireland through a single, national recruitment campaign.

The Application Process for the Medical Intern Intake commencing July 2023 is closed.

Please visit  for application details.


Intern Employment Eligibility Assessment (IEEA) 

The Intern Employment Eligibility Assessment (IEEA) is now complete for the HSE internship application uptake (2023 – 2024) as part of the HSE internship application Stage 1.

Graduates from Medical Schools outside of the Republic of Ireland are required to sit a two stage Intern Employment Eligibility Assessment as a requirement for their HSE internship application with the NRS HSE. This assessment comprises of an online written paper followed for those who achieve an adequate grade with an online OSCE.

The IEEA assesses knowledge in five competency domains;

  • Knowledge and application of Irish legal medicine
  • Knowledge and application of national prescribing practices
  • Professional skills relevant to the Irish healthcare setting
  • Communication skills relevant to Irish healthcare and
  • Knowledge of national public health and safety issues

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What is the Certificate of Experience?

If you successfully complete an Internship in Ireland in an allocated HSE Intern post, you are awarded a Certificate of Experience from the Medical Council (of Ireland).

This Certificate of Experience (COE) meets the eligibility criteria to apply for continued registration on a trainee scheme.

Internship must be for a minimum of twelve continuous months with satisfactory completion of the mandatory training components in the respective intern network.

See further guidance from Medical Council (of Ireland) here 

 Intern Application in RoI – FAQs for International Medicine Student Cohort