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Announcement | School of Medicine 2020/21 Academic Year Guidance

The School of Medicine has agreed details of how teaching, learning and assessment will be conducted for the coming Autumn Trimester, in line with public health guidance. Please regularly check our COVID-19 FAQ page for updates.

Guidance for Continuing Students

The School of Medicine extends a very warm welcome to our students who have already arrived back on clinical sites and we look forward to welcoming further continuing students later this month.

The University has been provided with specific guidance to ensure that our campus will operate within the appropriate distancing constraints as described by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science and the Implementation Guidelines for Public Health Measures in Higher Education Institutions endorsed by the HSE. This has assisted with plans for your registration teaching, learning and assessment in the coming Autumn Trimester. Please note that:

  • Registration to modules will commence on Monday 7 September and you will find the registration date for your programme on the Student and Registry key dates website.
  • As with previous years, there will be a staggered module registration schedule which invites students of specific programmes to register to their modules on specific days. 
  • When you register you will receive your own personalised timetable which will allow you to structure your study online and identify the periods when you are expected on campus.  
  • In addition, you will receive supplementary scheduling information about campus attendance in your modules. This will be finalised after registration and communicated by your module coordinators.  

Your attention is drawn to a series of FAQs on teaching, learning and assessment for the Autumn Trimester and it is very important that you read these carefully as they detail the University’s approach to teaching, learning and assessment during this coming Autumn Trimester. The same COVID-19 protective measures that you are familiar with in your everyday life will apply to University activities and we all must comply with these measures. Protection against COVID-19 is a mutual responsibility shared by all students, faculty, staff and users of the campus; to that end we will require you to agree to abide by such guidance through a formal declaration at registration. Our guidance will continue to evolve as Government and public health advice develops and as term commencement draws closer. 

Please see the Short Guide for Students Coming to Campus.