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Frontline Friday | Let's Hear it for the NCHD's

Continuing our #FrontlineFriday shout outs, we'd like to decide this one to the Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors across the country.  They are doctors at the frontline everyday and many nights.  Thanks for all you do.  Stay safe and mind each other.

Preparedness Paves the Way for Clinical Trials in COVID-19

Prof Alistair Nichol is leading clinical trials with COVID-19 patients in intensive care that aim to determine the most suitable treatments against the pandemic virus.  In an interview with Dr Claire O'Connell, Prof Nichol describes this international trial and how researchers have prepared over the past decade for this eventuality.

Mental Health in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Three Irish academic clinicians reflect on the current COVID-19 pandemic and its wider implications for our mental health.  Writing in the Quarterly Journal of Medicine, they describe why attention needs to be paid to the population’s mental health needs and outline actions which should be taken immediately to minimise the psychological and psychiatric impacts of this pandemic.