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16 New Genes Linked to Diabetic Kidney Disease

Researchers in the UCD Diabetes Complications Research Centre and their international collaborators have identified 16 regions of the human genome linked with diabetic kidney disease (DKD), the leading cause of kidney disease that can end in organ failure.  This is the largest ever study carried out to look at the genetics of DKD and involved 19,406 individuals of European descent with type 1 diabetes, with and without kidney disease. 

Major Milestone in Cystic Fibrosis Treatment

A major milestone in the treatment of patients with cystic fibrosis has been reported with the publication of two Phase III clinical trials evaluating a triple-drug combination therapy for the life-threatening condition which has particular relevance in Ireland. 

SBI Participation in Major European Research Network

Systems Biology Ireland are among the largest-ever Innovative Medicine Initiative 2 Immunology project which aims to improve disease management of non-responders to therapy across seven immune-mediated diseases.  Prof Walter Kolch and Dr David Gomez led the UCD Systems Biology Ireland participation in the €80 million 4-year 3TR initiative which kicked off their activities with a first meeting in Granada, Spain from 30th – 31st October 2019.