What is involved in the UCD Intern Training Programme?

UCD Hospital Induction Programme

A comprehensive induction programme is delivered prior to commencement of a UCD intern post. This two -week period includes a  series of hospital specific sessions followed by an intern shadowing week at the designated UCD intern hospital training site. The online component of this programme is delivered via the National NCHD Induction Hub.


Intern Teaching

UCD interns attend a comprehensive teaching schedule at the two main teaching hospitals and peripherial UCD hospital sites with an emphasis on basic practical skills and knowledge; increasing and updating knowledge on common medical diseases and advanced practical knowledge and skills case-based review. Weekly case-based presentation sessions with Self Directed Learning utilising the SNAPPS model and moderated Case Discussion. Lunchtime intern teaching is protected and supported by our UCD academic community. Interns are invited to attend grand rounds, MDT and journal clubs during their rotations.


Case Presentation

All interns will be required to present a clinical case to their peers on at least one occasion during the training year at the main teaching hospitals. They are scored on their presentation and given immediate feedback by their UCD Intern Tutor 


Prescribing Safety Assessment

Interns arriving to the UCD intern network who have not completed PSA will required to complete a Prescribing Safety Assessment, this is a pre-formatted online exam and on successful completion is awarded with a PSA certification. The PSA is lead by Associate Professor Helen Gallagher, Associate Professor and Head of Clinical Pharmacology in the UCD School of Medicine in conjunction with the UCD intern network.


Radiation Safety Module 

UCD Radiography UCD Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging has designed a unique Radiation Safety module for the UCD Intern Network. The course content, which is informed by the ICRP Education and Training in Radiological Protection for Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures, aims to introduce Interns to the fundamental principles of radiation safety and their practical application in medicine.


Topics covered: 

1. Fundamental concepts of radiation and radiation dose

2. Biological effects of radiation

3. Legal and regulatory issues in radiation protection

4. Occupational and patient protection

5. Radiation protection for paediatrics and in pregnancy


For more information please see 

Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging at UCD