Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine is both an inter- and multi- disciplinary field that applies fundamental engineering principles in human biology to develop cutting-edge technologies to help improve human healthcare. The Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERM) section of Anatomy is comprised of two research groups that are committed to the development of next-generation technologies for the treatment of disease and to restore the structural and functional properties of damaged or degenerated living tissues.

Dr. Tom Flanagan currently heads the Tissue Engineering Research Group within the School of Medicine which focusses on the development of next-generation implants by combining nanotechnology and tissue engineering methods, with a focus on living, cardiovascular devices for the treatment of both paediatric and adult populations, in addition to in vitro models of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Dr Dearbhaile Dooley leads research in the field of CNS trauma and repair with a particular focus on the neuroinflammatory response after spinal cord injury. By using a wide variety of multidisciplinary techniques, the spinal cord injury research team are investigating how immunomodulation via stem cell technologies and advanced drug delivery systems, may support regeneration and ultimately improve functional recovery.

Academic Staff

Dr. Tom Flanagan Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Anatomy Profile
Dr Dearbhaile Dooley Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Anatomy Profile