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Supporting Clinicians Working in Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Mon, 14 August 17 16:25

Dr. Elizabeth Barrett has recently taken on a role as the Clinical Lead for Schwartz rounds at Children’s University Hospital Temple St, recognising the need to support clinicians and wider MDT members in stressful environments, and promoting positive mental health across the hospital.

The UCD Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Group (UCD-CAP) team believe that teaching and training for a range of professionals working with young people is essential in early detection, assessment and interventions in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. In 2016 Professor Fiona McNicholas and Dr. Elizabeth Barrett provided teaching to key stakeholders including the NCHD programmes nationally at the College of Psychiatrists and RCPI about developmental disorders, depression, self harm, eating disorders, and participated in national groups such as the National Clinical Programme for Eating Disorders. They have developed workshops with the ICGP; UCD CAP clinicians are involved in European endeavours to improve approaches to mental health disorders in children, and involved in leading the CAP-STATE study, exploring teaching and training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry across Europe.

Symposia were held with international collaborators at the International Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Health Professionals Meeting in Calgary in 2016 and at the European Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 2017. The group also hosted international trainees coming to Ireland for Observerships in 2016 and 2017 from a range of European countries.