St Luke’s Hospital, Dublin

About St Luke’s Hospital, Dublin

Founded in 1954, St Luke's hospital is a specialist cancer hospital based in the Dublin suburb of Rathgar providing expert care services on an in-patient and out-patient basis.

The Hospital was founded by the Cancer Association of Ireland and has steadily expanded to become a central component of the national cancer care services system.  Peripheral clinics have been established at many locations throughout the country and close links forged with other Dublin Hospitals.

Academic Engagement

Staff at St Luke's Hospital participate in collaborative research with investigators at each of the three Dublin Medical Schools. The hospital has been an enthusiastic supporter of undergraduate, graduate education and a key participant in clinical translational research. It has established a Clinical Trials Resource Unit to support all approved clinical trials taking place in St. Luke’s Hospital.  Its current portfolio includes trials in the areas of prostate, lung, spinal cord compression, head & neck and breast cancer.