Transforming Irish Healthcare

Strategic Priorities

To achieve its vision and live its mission, the DAMC will pursue the following key strategic objectives:

  1. Delivering excellence in patient care – to be the leading provider in Ireland of healthcare services, including the provision of highly complex specialty and sub-specialties, in a safe, high quality, clinical outcome driven environment.
  2. Being the healthcare provider of choice – to be focused on delivering the best possible access and experience for our patients, across all aspects of their interaction with the DAMC
  3. Providing world-class education – to be the number one provider of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in Ireland, attracting and retaining the best and brightest faculty and students, educating and preparing healthcare professionals to excel in their chosen specialisms and careers
  4. Enabling internationally significant bio-medical research -  to be recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in undertaking innovative biomedical and translational research, delivering value enhancing outcomes for healthcare in Ireland and overseas
  5. Being a key link in the promotion of health and wellness – to be integral, through our wider healthcare relationships, to the promotion of health and wellness for our defined population, with a particular focus on the seamless management of chronic disease within our community
  6. Being the employer of choice for healthcare staff in Ireland – to be recognised as recruiting and retaining the very best talent, providing a positive and supportive working environment and building strategic capability consistent with being a leading academic medical centre
  7. Achieving a sustainable financial position – to be considered as the national benchmark in efficient hospital management, consistent with the effective stewardship of the resources at our disposal
  8. Contributing to healthcare reform – to be influential and proactive in the formation and execution of health policy through strong linkages with policy makers and agencies. 

Our Commitment to Public

The DAMC aims to:

  • Be a healthcare provider of choice by delivering the highest levels of patient satisfaction and cost-effective care.
  • Be nationally recognized for having the highest levels of patient safety
  • Be nationally recognized as the medical centre that best prepares healthcare professionals to deliver world class care.
  • Be nationally recognized for consistently integrating best practices and assimilating the most current medical knowledge into the care we provide.
  • Be nationally recognized as leaders in selected areas of biomedical and translational research and internationally recognized in at least one area.
  • Make unique and valuable contributions to the understanding of disease and the promotion of health through research in fundamental biomedical, clinical and public health sciences.
  • Develop strong linkages with State policy makers and agencies to become a critical resource in the formation of health policy and in the delivery of modern healthcare in Ireland.