Awards and Medals in Medicine

Celebrating Excellence in Medicine

Excellence and outstanding achievement is recognised and celebrated across all of our undergraduate programmes. Regardless of which programme you choose, the study and practice of healthcare is an intense, demanding and hugely rewarding experience.

That experience begins on your first day with us, and throughout your time at UCD we will encourage and support you to go the extra mile in pursuit of academic and technical excellence. Many of our awards and medals are named after distinguished graduates, generous donors or inspirational former teachers. Student awards, bestowed in their honour, demonstrates our history, heritage and ongoing commitment to excellence.

Prof Peter Dervan Memorial Medal

The Professor Peter Dervan Memorial Medal for excellence in cancer pathology is awarded following a competitive viva voce to the student who demonstrates excellence in cancer pathology by achieving the highest combined GPA score in core medicine modules with a significant cancer pathology content.

Peter A. Dervan was appointed Consultant Pathologist to the Mater (and initially Richmond) Hospitals, Dublin in 1978 and Professor of Pathology at University College Dublin and the Mater Hospital in 1991. During his tenure, until his retirement in 2008, he excelled as a histopathologist; leading to innovative research in areas like breast and bone cancer positively affecting the lives of 1000’s of cancer patients both in Ireland and abroad. This award recognises Professor Dervan as a leading medical researcher and outstanding, innovative teacher.

Honour Roll

2014/15 Maeve Jones-O'Connor Report
2013/14 Joshua Belle Report

Geoffrey J. Bourke Award

This medal, established by Dr Geoffrey J. Bourke, Professor of Public Health Medicine and Epidemiology at the University (1966 - 1994), is awarded annually to the student who, having passed the examinations of Stage 5 Medicine, attains First Place in the module Public Health Medicine, Epidemiology & International Health.

Honour Roll

2017/18 Dr Michael Gilligan
2016/17 Dr Sheena Cassidy
2015/16 Dr Rachel Dilworth
2014/15 Dr Derek Casey
2013/14 Dr Sean Murphy
2011/12 Dr Sarah McErlean
2007/08 Dr Emily Harold
2006/07 Dr Emily Stenke
2005/06 Dr Margaret O'Brien & Dr Catherine Gibbons
2004/05 Dr Brian Hayes
2003/04 Dr Alan Barry & Dr Ruth Dunne

James B. Coakley Medal for Dissection

Student who have completed one year of Anatomy are eligible to compete for the James B. Coakley Medal in Dissection. The medal is awarded annually for the best dissection of an assigned specimen carried out by a student during the academic year.

2016/2017 Agnes O'Donoghue
2015/2016 Niall O'Brien
2014/2015 Michael Gilligan
2013/2014 Ju Vern Ew
2012/2013 Ying Ying Thum
2011/2012 Mark Berney
2010/2011 Niall Nelligan
2009/2010 Ronan Doyle
2008/2009 Niamh O'Brien
2007/2008  Ross McGrath
2006/2007 Erol Dilli
2005/2006 Harivinthan Sellappan

Professor Patrick Meenan Medal

Students registered to a medical degree programme in UCD may be eligible to compete for the Professor Patrick Meenan Medal in Microbiology in Medicine in accordance the following criteria:

  1. The Head of Medical Microbiology together with other academic staff involved in teaching microbiology and infectious diseases will select modules within the medical programmes deemed to contain microbiology.
  2. The grade point average of these modules will be used to select the top four students of medical microbiology in the semester that precedes the hospital based programme.
  3. The top four students will be invited to attend a viva voce examination which will be based on the microbiology based learning outcomes of the selected modules.
  4. The student with the highest performance at the viva voce examination will be awarded the Professor Patrick Meenan Medal.
2014/15 Dr Daniel Kelly
2013/14 Dr Hannah Lucey
2012/13 Dr Louisa Shackleton and Dr Elizabeth Roy
2011/12 Dr John D Ryan

Surgeon Hugh Boyle-Kennedy Award

The annual interest on the Surgeon Hugh Boyle Kennedy Bequest is awarded to the candidate who, having obtained Honours, also obtains the highest place in Surgery.

Honour Roll

 2017/18 Dr Calvin Flynn
 2016/17 Dr Maeve Jones-O'Connor
 2015/16 Dr Robert Foley
 2014/15 Dr Niall Philip Hardy
 2013/14 Dr Kee Yang Brendan Yap
 2012/13 Dr Stephanie Rutledge
 2011/12 Sinead McGlacken-Byrne
 2010/11 Siobhan Neville
 2009/10 Laura Brown
 2008/09 Gerard Giblin
 2007/08 David Murphy
 2006/07 Catherine Gibbons
 2005/06 Conor Hensey
 2004/05 Hilary Hamilton
 2003/04 Finnian McCausland, Caitriona Ryan, Naomi Campbell
 2002/03 Darragh Brady, Paula Coghlan

Ambrose Bermingham Award

Ambrose Bermingham (1864-1905) was Dean and Professor of Anatomy at the Catholic University of Ireland Medical School from 1887 to 1905. The Bermingham Medal is a token of the debt owed by the College for this contribution to the continuity of his traditions.

The fund has been augmented by gifts from the Archbishops of Dublin. Competition for the Medal is open to candidates who have completed semester one of Stage Three Medicine (Undergraduate) or Stage Two Medicine (Graduate Entry) at the time of the medal examination. The Medal is awarded on the results of a special examination in anatomy held in spring each year. An oral examination is also held in human anatomy in spring. A shortlist for the Oral examination is established based on the results of the written paper.

Honour Roll

 2012/13 Ying Ying Thum
 2011/12 Not Awarded
 2010/11  Aisling McDonnell
 2009/10  Zoe Hutchinson
 2008/09  Anthony Cullen
 2007/08  Hugh Adler & Conal Corbally
 2006/07  Miriam Fitzgerald & Ciara Murphy
 2005/06  Daniel Yu
 2004/05  Ruth-Aoibheann O'Leary
 2003/04  James Conran
 2002/03  Rossman Hawari
 2001/02  Catherine de Blacam

Molloy Prizes for Physics and Chemistry

Established to commemorate the Right Reverend Monsignor Molloy, Professor of Physics (1874 – 1906, Catholic University of Ireland), a proportion of the annual income of the Molloy Bequest Fund is devoted to providing prizes in Physics and Chemistry for students of the Medical School.

Two prizes are typically awarded annually, one in Physics and one in Chemistry, at the end of Stage One of the Medicine Degree Programme.

The balance of the annual income from the Molloy Bequest Fund is applied to the maintenance and extension of the Molloy Collection of Physics Apparatus.

Honour Roll (Chemistry)

 2011/12  Nora Ann Tedros
 2010/11  Aoife Maria Heeney
 2009/10  Michelle E. Madden
 2008/09  Alanna Byrne
 2007/08  Niall Nelligan
 2006/07  Denise Connolly
 2005/06  Maurice Foley
 2004/05  Yvonne Purcell
 2003/04  Freda J. Vora
 2002/03  Thomas Mac Mahon
 2001/02      Sarah Louise Picardo










Honour Roll (Physics)

 2011/12  Piotr Michal Fryc
 2010/11  Sarah Shih
 2009/10  Andrew Patton
 2008/09  Catriona Kelly
 2007/08  Gerard Lambe
 2006/07  Kien Sin Lim
 2005/06  Maurice Foley
 2004/05  Yvonne Purcell
 2003/04  Linda Callaghan
 2002/03  Donal J.Tighe
 2001/02  Brian Hayes

Dillon Memorial Prize in Pharmacology

The Dillon Memorial Prize in Pharmacology is awarded annually to the student who obtains honours and the highest combined marks in the Pharmacology components of Core Modules taken in Semester 2 Stage 3 and Semester 1 Stage 4 of the Medicine Degree Programme.

Honour Roll

 2011/12  Andrew Purcell & Luke O'Donnell
 2010/11  Gerard Lambe
 2009/10  Catherine Freeman
 2008/09  Liau, Xue Hui
 2007/08  Eoin Mulroy
 2006/07  Thomas P. Wall

The Fitzgerald Medal

This medal was established to commemorate the FitzGerald Brothers – Oliver, Patrick and Gerald – who, having graduated with distinction from the UCD Medical School, served subsequently as outstanding consultants and teachers.

The medal, which is presented approximately every five years, may be awarded to any clinician or research worker in the field of the medical sciences on the basis of significant contributions to human well-being in health or disease. These contributions will have been demonstrated by published material mainly originating in Ireland, as a geographical unit, or by ongoing research work.

Honour Roll

 2009/10  Professor Barry Bresnihan
 1999/00  Professor Eoin O’Malley

Henry Hutchinson Stewart Scholarships

The Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart Scholarships are awarded annually in the following subject areas:

Anatomy, Biochemistry, Dentistry (Scholarship and Second Prize only), Diagnostic Imaging (Scholarship and Second Prize only), General Practice, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Medical Microbiology, Medicine, Paediatrics, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Physiotherapy (Scholarship and Second Prize only), Psychiatry, Public Health, Surgery.

The awards are based on the results of examinations in those subjects in the Schools of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Constituent NUI Universities and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

The recipients of the Scholarship and Medals in each subject are determined by an external examiner, who considers selected examination material of the students nominated by each of the constituent Universities and recognised colleges.

In certain subjects, students are nominated by their University/College to sit an essay-based examination on the outcome of which the awards will be made. Students in the Schools of Medicine and Health Sciences in each of the constituent Universities, and RCSI are automatically eligible for consideration for these Scholarships. There are no special application procedures or entry requirements.

Honour Roll

 2010/11  Patrick Carolan & Niall Burke
 2009/10  Orlaith Fitzgerald, Alison O’Sullivan
 2008/09  Adrienne Schofiel, Michelle Healy
 2007/08  Christine Carroll, Alison Murphy
 2006/07  Catherine Kinsella, Claire Grainger

Dr. John F. Keenan Research Scholarship

A one year travelling research scholarship in honour of Dr. John F Keenan is awarded out of the Keenan Fund, as often as funds permit. 

Candidates must have obtained honours in at least one of the medical examinations of the curriculum or have obtained honours marks in Medicine, Surgery or Obstetrics in the Final Medical Examination. Candidates must have qualified within the seven years previous to the award.

2011/12 Jennifer Walsh

Kirwan Medal in Ophthalmology

This award has been established from a fund donated by Mrs Mary Kirwan in memory of her husband, Lt. Col. E.W. O'G. Kirwan, one of the first medical graduates of the University.

The medal will be awarded on the results of the Ophthalmology component of the Stage 4 Module, Ophthalmology & Otolaryngology, combined with a special scholarship paper in Ophthalmology, taken prior to the clinical and oral examinations. A candidate must receive an award of honours to be eligible for the medal and prize. Candidates should enter for this award when entering Stage 4 Medicine.

Honour Roll

 2017/18 Dr Aoife Smyth
 2016/17 Dr Lara Dungan
 2015/16 Dr Jenny Russell
 2014/15 Dr Ethan Jack Troy-Barnes
 2013/14 Dr Norella Broderick
 2012/13 Dr Christine McCarthy
 2011/12 Dr Louise Hendrick
 2010/11 Dr Christine McCarthy
 2009/10 Dr Louise Hendrick
 2008/09 Dr Sarah Ryan
 2007/08 Dr Marguerite Carter
 2006/07 Dr Rebecca Somerville

Brian McGovern Perpetual Medal Award

This medal was established by his classmates and other colleagues in University College Dublin to commemorate Dr Brian McGovern (1955-2003). It is awarded annually to the student who obtains the highest total marks in the modules of Medicine I and Medicine II.

Honour Roll

2017/18 Dr Niamh Conlon
2016/17 Dr Maeve Jones-O'Connor
2015/16 Dr Eimear O'Connell
2014/15 Dr Louisa E Shackleton
2013/14 Dr Sean Murphy
2012/13 Dr Stephanie Rutledge
2011/12 Dr  Maebh O'Hare
2010/11 Dr John Brennan
2009/10 Dr Laura Brown, Dr Eoin Mulroy & Dr Conor Fearon
2008/09 Dr  Eoin Mulroy
2007/08 Dr  Shane Mac An Tuile
2006/07 Dr  David Murphy

John McGrath Memorial Prizes

The John McGrath Memorial Prize in Pathology and John McGrath Memorial Prize in Legal Medicine were established by the late Mrs Margaret McGrath in memory of her husband, the late Professor John McGrath.

The John McGrath Memorial Prize in Pathology is awarded each year to the student who obtains the highest combined marks in Pathology components of Core Modules taken at the end of Semesters 2 Stage 3 and Semester 1 Stage 4 of the Medicine Degree Programme provided that all component Core Modules of each Stage are passed together at the same time and the student is presenting for the examination for the first time.

The John McGrath Memorial Prize in Forensic & Legal Medicine may be awarded each year to the student who obtains the highest marks in Forensic & Legal Medicine at the University Examination in Stage 5 of Medicine provided that a minimum of an A- is reached in the module Forensic & Legal Medicine, the other core modules of the Stage are also passed at the same time, and the student is presenting for the examination for the first time.

Honour Roll (Pathology)

 2014/15 Dr Catherine Murphy
 2011/12 Dr Dearbhla Doherty
 2010/11 Dr Paul Patrick Connon
 2009/10 Dr  Catherine Freeman
 2007/08 Dr Catherine Rowan & Shalia Zaver
 2006/07 Dr Laura Brown
 2005/06 Dr Emily Harold














Honour Roll (Forensic & Legal Medicine)

 2017/18 Dr Maura Hannon
 2016/17 Dr Jennifer Doran
 2015/16 Dr Ciara Hayden
 2014/15 Dr Elaine Carty
 2010/11 Dr Julie-Martin Grace
 2009/10 Dr Brefini Anglim & Naomi Devaney
 2008/09 Dr Marguerite Carter
 2007/08 Dr Laura Williams
 2006/07 Dr Conor Grant

Sean Malone Medal in Psychiatry

The medal and prize are awarded to the candidate who obtains honours and first place in the Psychiatry module in the Final Medical Examination.

Honour Roll

 2017/18 Dr Sarah Devlin
 2016/17 Dr Niamh Boyle
 2015/16 Dr Aoife Maria Heeney
 2014/15 Dr Fiona Lynch
 2013/14 Dr Barra Neary
 2012/13 Dr Oliver McElvaney
 2011/12 Dr Louise Hendrick
 2010/11 Dr Siobhan Neville
 2009/10 Dr Lee, Yeh Wah M.
 2008/09 Dr Adrian McArdle
 2007/08 Dr Irene Timony, Dr Zita Galvin

D.K. O’Donovan Medal in Medicine

This medal is awarded annually to the candidate who obtains the highest combined score in the modules of Medicine I, Medicine II, Medicine and the Community and the Professional Completion module and has obtained honours in the degree of MB, BCh, BAO.

Honour Roll

 2017/18  Dr Andrew Griffin
 2016/17  Dr Maeve Jones-O'Connor
 2015/16  Dr Cathal Niall O'Leary
 2011/12  Meabh O'Hare
 2010/11  Roisin O’Connor
 2009/10   Laura R. Brown
 2008/09  Shane Mac An Tuile
 2007/08  Rebecca Somerville

1941 Medal

This medal was presented by graduates of the class of 1941. It is awarded annually to the candidate with the highest GPA across the final two years of the Medicine programme.

Honour Roll

 2017/18 Dr Dora Gorman
 2016/17 Dr Maeve Jones-O'Connor
 2015/16 Dr Hannah T. Lucey
 2014/15 Dr Michelle E Madden
 2013/14 Dr Sean Murphy
 2012/13 Dr Stephanie Rutledge
 2011/12 Dr Meabh O'Hare
 2010/11 Dr Hugh Adler
 2009/10 Dr Laura R. Brown
 2008/09 Dr Shane Mac An Tuile
 2007/08 Dr Rebecca Somerville, Dr David Murphy

Aongus J Curran Medal in Otolaryngology



Dr Kyle Smothers
2016/17 Dr Niall O'Dwyer

William Wilde Medal in Otolaryngology

Honour Roll

 2015/16  Dr Janelle Meara O'Sullivan

Professor Niall O'Higgins Medal for Surgery

Honour Roll

 2017/18  Dr Calvin Flynn
 2016/17  Dr Maeve Jones-O'Connor
 2015/16  Dr Hannah T Lucey

Kieran O'Driscoll Prize

Honour Roll

 2017/18  Dr Calvin Flynn
 2016/17  Dr Aoife McEvoy
 2015/16  Dr Zara Togher

Paediatrics Medal


2017/2018 Dr Dora Gorman
2016/2017 Dr Hannah Featherstone