Feedback Welcome

Your Feedback is Important

We may not get everything right here at the UCD School of Medicine, but we never stop trying to improve things. Hence your feedback and constructive criticism is warmly welcomed.

There is no such thing as a stupid question or suggestion. We consider everything on its merits and are always open to new ideas or ways of doing business.

Often prospective students ask us very specific questions about what it is like to study in UCD. While we give them our best response, more often than not, it is an existing student who can give the most objective answer. So we often look to put prospective students in touch with current students.

Formal & Informal Communication Channels

Our academic and academic-support staff (Student Advisers, Programme Office Staff, Module Administrators, etc) are delighted to receive your feedback in person or by email. They'll make every best effort to answer your question as comprehensively as possible and we often revise our student documentation to address frequently asked questions. If an issue affects more than a single student, you might find it easier to route your query through your Class Rep who attends formal Student/Staff Liaison meetings.

We have also developed several more informal social media communications channels including:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


Our Twitter account (@UCDMedicine) has been active since May 2009. We try to use this to provide an insight into the various activities which are going on across the School as well as share items of interest to healthcare professionals and medical education. We have created a list of staff, students and alumni who are active on Twitter.  Why not subscribe to this list and it us know if you'd like us to add you to it.


It is fair to say that we haven't really found our Facebook feet yet. We were initially slow to use this channel as we didn't want to intrude unnecessarily in students' private lives. However by creating a School page we find it is an increasingly useful channel for communicating events or news stories of interest to a wider audience. You can find our Facebook page here.


We have created a UCD School of Medicine group in LinkedIn to allow in particular our graduates to keep in touch throughout their careers. We'd be happy to receive your request to join this group.