Clinical Commencement Ceremony 2014

The Clinical Commencement 'White Coat' Ceremony marks the transition from formal classroom education to full-time clinical training and is an important milestone in the creation of the  medical professional.

The White Coat symbolises the professional responsibilities that students will assume throughout their clinical life.   During the ceremony, the students are reminded of the patient's perspective of them as doctors in training, the need to maintain professional, empathetic behaviours at all times, the importance of mutually supportive relationships with colleagues and society's expectations for the profession.

Ceremony Proceedings

The 2014 Clinical Commencement Ceremony takes place in O'Reilly Hall, Belfield on Wednesday 29th January 2014 at 17:00 hours

  • Doors will open at 17.00
  • White coat pick up will be in the Conservatory. Students must arrive before 17.30 to receive their coat and participate in the ceremony.
  • Students will promptly line up in numerical order appointed to them in the Conservatory at 17.45 with their white coat on their right arm
  • All guests will take their seats by 17.45
  • Students will process into the Hall at 18.00
  • 18.15 – The Ceremony commences with an entrance procession by Senior Academic Staff


Following the ceremony, a reception will be held in the Conservatory of O’Reilly Hall for all students and their guests.  There will be an official photographer taking group photos after the ceremony in O’Reilly Hall.

If you have any queries on the event, please email


Smart Casual is suggested for students for presentation at the White Coat Ceremony


Please note that the Cloakroom is reserved for use by guests only. There will be an appointed designated student cloakroom area in the conservatory where students can leave their bags, coats and personal belongings.  Please ensure that you do not leave valuables in your bags.

Preparations for Conferring

Registration for Students

Doors will open at 17.00.  Registration will take place in the glass side of the O'Reilly Hall Conservatory that fronts onto the lake.  Students must arrive before 17.30 in order to register and receive their coat. 

When the student gives their name at the registration desk in the Conservatory, they will be given a number which signifies the order in which students will be presented with their White Coats.   Once the student has registered and received their number and their white coat, they must make their way to roped area of O’Reilly Hall and line up in numerical order



Upon arrival to O'Reilly Hall, each guest will hand their guest ticket to the person on the door at the main entrance to O’Reilly Hall.  Guests will be asked to use the cloakroom if required and then to take their seats in O'Reilly Hall.

Conferring Ceremony

The Dean of Medicine, Professor Patrick T Murray, will lead the academic procession comprising senior academic staff into O'Reilly Hall.

Following a short welcome address, the Dean will announce the proceedings and invite students by name, in groups of seven, onto the platform. This will be done in the numerical order appointed at registration.

The students will carry their white coat in their arms to the platform where one of 10 senior academic staff will greet the student and place the coat on the students.

Students will then return to their seats wearing their white coats.

The Dean of Medicine will invite the guest speaker, Prof. A.E. Freddie Wood (President, Medical Council of Ireland) to address the students.

Following the address by Prof. Wood, the Dean will conclude the ceremony and invite assembled guests of the students and academic staff to attend a reception in the conservatory

The Dean requests that all the students remain in the hall for a photograph before they join their guests for the reception in the conservatory.

The Dean will lead the academic procession off stage into the Conservatory.

Live Web Streaming & Photography

Live Web Streaming

If you were not able to join us in O'Reilly Hall, we hope that you enjoyed following the proceedings with our online web stream. We will be posting a recording of the event later.


A Professional photographer will be taking group photographs following the Ceremony in O’Reilly Hall.  Photographs will be posted on our Flickr account and will be available for download free of charge.

Guests are welcome to take their own photographs but we would ask that they do not interrupt the proceedings.

Student Training Resources

Learning in Clinical Settings

A guide for students in clinical training from the UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science.

A guide for Students in Clinical Training

Ethical Standards for Medical Students

Guidelines for Medical Schools on Ethical standards and Behaviour appropriate for Medical Students from the Medical Council of Ireland.  [link]

Professional Conduct by Medical Practitioners

A guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners from the Medical Council of Ireland. [link]