Your Academic Life

Excellence in Healthcare Education

The School offers a comprehensive portfolio of undergraduate and graduate courses, all of which are informed by the latest scientific and educational research, taught by leading experts and delivered across an unrivalled campus of academic and clinical facilities.

We offer 66 courses, comprising more than 250 modules, delivered to 1,600 students across 25 locations under the direction of 90 academic staff. Our courses continue to enjoy strong endorsement by current students, graduates, employers and accreditation bodies.

A Varied, Rich and Challenging Experience

Our commitment to educational innovation is demonstrated by continuous programme development, ongoing curriculur improvement and the adoption of innovative teaching methods and technologies.

Our students benefit from a flexible, tailored approach to undergraduate education. UCD Horizons means that you can adapt your curriculum to suit your interests, needs and passions.

Our core curriculum gives you the opportunity to excel in your chosen discipline or profession. In addition, UCD Horizons provides an opportunity to experience aspects of your chosen programme in more depth, or the option of exploring new areas of study from any part of the university. As a result, you will have a more varied, rich and personally challenging academic experience.

Extraordinary Opportunities

Flexibility, opportunity and educational expertise underpin the academic experience at the School. During your time with us you can opt to participate in summer student research initiatives that will deepen your scientific knowledge and enhance your understanding of how science is applied to the bedside. Similarly, you may choose to experience, as part of your curriculum, life within another health care system as part of our international student elective initiative.

That flexibility extends to the manner in which we deliver our core curricula. The much-feared ‘high-stakes’ final exam has been replaced by a robust system of continual assessment, while students of medicine will experience an internationally acclaimed professional completion module that provides an educational capstone prior to entry to the workforce.

Patient-Focused From Day One

Regardless of which programme you choose, you can be certain that patient care will be at the heart of our academic and educational philosophy. At UCD, we deliver blended curricula, integrating directly the experience of meeting and interacting with patients at the earliest possible stage.

You’ll find more information on programmes and modules in the ‘Study with Us’ section.