Healthcare in Practice

Translating Theory into Healthcare in Practice

Each day, the School puts its academic theory into healthcare practice.  This exposure to the demands of modern medicine informs what and how we teach.  All our clinical staff and many of our academic staff continue to practice within their particular specialty in primary, secondary and tertiary care centres.

Together with the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and St Vincent’s Healthcare Group, we have created Ireland’s first academic health system, Dublin Academic Medical Centre, an organisation which is responsible for the acute and chronic care needs of over a million people in the East Leinster region.

In addition to providing teaching in community medicine, our academic staff manage a 5-GP primary care centre which delivers comprehensive healthcare to approximately 6,000 people in the South Dublin area. 

Centres of Excellence

The Centre for Emergency Medical Science is the national centre for research, development and training of pre-hospital emergency care as part of the national ambulance service.  The Centre has been responsible for establishing formal training structures for the paramedic profession in Ireland and over 500 advanced paramedics have completed certificate, diploma or masters level qualifications in Emergency Medical science.  The Centre also provides first aid responder training for community groups and for specialist industries in cardiac and trauma care.

Established in 2004, the UCD MERIT project has resulted in the creation of a national network of over 470 general medical practices which have received training, equipment and monitoring in the use of automated external defibrillator devices.  This initiative has provided an essential national infrastructure for the roll out of such equipment in a variety of public places (shopping centres, sports facilities, etc.) by local community groups.

Our Diagnostic Imaging staff and our radiography students work in acute hospitals across the country and our Medical Interns are training within a national programme led by UCD academic staff.

The majority of our teaching staff are also active researchers contributing to the discovery of new knowledge as well as to its dissemination to the next generation of healthcare professionals.