Strategic Objectives

Excellence in Translational and Clinical Research

To substantially increase the quality and quantity of translational and clinical research in areas of national significance and global importance through internal re-focus and external collaboration.


A Leading European Medical School

To be internationally recognised as a leading European medical school with a strong portfolio of professionally relevant undergraduate and graduate programmes that allow high calibre students reach their full potential as medical practitioners, healthcare and science leaders.


Innovation in Education

To innovate in teaching and assessment, and to undertake comprehensive medical education research which impacts upon our programmes and which exploits research/education linkages.


High Calibre Students and Staff

To continue to attract and retain high calibre students and staff who are driven by the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and clinical practice and who have clear pathways for individual progress.


A School of International Choice and Global Opportunities

To continue to attract a diverse cohort of international students and to offer elective opportunities around the world so that our graduates emerge competitive for careers in global healthcare leadership.

Local, National & International Engagement

To maintain a strong scientific basis to internationally benchmarked programmes which support our ambition to produce graduates who are inquisitive, critical thinkers throughout their careers.

Develop & Strengthen UCD Community

To build an enduring sense of community and proactive engagement with University business among our patients and clinicians, our biomedical science researchers, our alumni and other stakeholders.

Establish & Maintain World Class Facilities

To support our education and research endeavours on campus and across our clinical training networks by further strengthening our educational and research infrastructure (including facilities and clinical networks).

Effective Governance, Management and Budget Oversight

To maintain a strong financial performance, diversified income and a resource allocation that is consistent with our School’s strategic priorities.

Evidence of Performance and for Change

To consistently and constructively question our assumptions and collect appropriate key performance data that supports informed decision making and organisational development.