May Suen Chow

Stage Three Medicine

Why did you choose to study medicine?

My interest has always been drawn towards the field of science and disease. Despite the remarkable coordination of the body systems, the workings of the body can be brought down by any disease. I have always had this calling to pursue a career in medicine; but my interest blossomed when I started studying Biology and Chemistry in secondary school.

What made you choose UCD?

?Since I am under the Penang Medical College twinning programme, I was given a choice of either UCD or RCSI to complete my pre-clinical studies. I chose UCD mainly because UCD offered campus life and from what I learnt, UCD is known for its research work and the student summer research programme (SSRA). Since I am very keen on taking up research in the future, taking part in the SSRA will definitely be the stepping stone towards my goal.

What has been the most interesting part of the course so far?

I would say it’s the SSRA, even though it’s technically not part of the Medicine programme! Research prompts me to think (which keeps my brain active!), especially when analysing the results. Research is also an avenue where I can finally apply what I have studied so far; not just learning the facts so that I can pass the exams and get through medical school. To me, solely regurgitating facts is not medicine!

What advice would you give to prospective students who are thinking of taking the course?

I would say, please take this course only if you love it, and not for the sake of fulfilling someone else’s wishes or something to that effect. Medicine is not an easy course, but if you love it, everything becomes easier. If you have that intrinsic motivation and you yearn to learn more about the subject, studying medicine can be absolutely fulfilling.

What do you hope to do, or in which area would you like to specialise after graduation?

My love for research says it all. I’m keen in microbiology and cancer research, but it’s too early to make a choice and I shall explore all avenues.