UCD Clinical Research Centre

Innovative, Translational Healthcare Research

The sequencing of the human genome has enabled researchers to pinpoint errors in genes - the smallest units of heredity - that cause or contribute to disease. The aim is to use this information to develop new ways to treat, cure, or even prevent the thousands of diseases that afflict all of us. But, it is a long way from gene identification to effective treatments.
The UCD-Clinical Research Centre at the Mater Misericordiae and St. Vincent's University Hospitals was officially opened in April 2006 in an effort to further this work. Patients with different chronic diseases including end-stage kidney disease, pulmonary fibrosis and cancer, donate samples to the clinic on a regular basis, and these are assessed in the context of their own treatment and for the development of more accurate therapies for these diseases in general. 

Improving the Lives of Patients

The clinical research, directed by Dr Peter Doran, helps discover ways to improve medical care and to establish new treatments which in turn will improve the quality of life for patients who are living daily with chronic illness. The CRC contributes to ongoing research creating a scientific and caring culture for the benefit of present and future patients and medical research contributes to the development of new cures and better treatments.

Through the donation of samples for molecular research, patients are making an immense contribution to the efforts underway to understand the mechanism of disease and effect improved patient outcome into the future. This clinical facility serves to complement UCD’s Conway Institute for Biomolecular and Biomedical Research, ensuring UCD’s biomedical research focus is a continuum from bedside to bench side

The specific research arenas in which the CRC performs include;

  • Collection of phenotypically well defined repositories of biomaterials for molecular investigations 
  • Development of translational research programmes 
  • Clinical trials and investigations 
  • Population based studies  
  • Investigations into the impact of disease on the individual and society

The UCD CRC was developed Cycle 3 of the Higher Education Authority’s, Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions.